[rds-devel] Re: RDS code in OFED 1.3

Olaf Kirch olaf.kirch at oracle.com
Tue Nov 13 10:05:10 PST 2007


On Tuesday 13 November 2007 18:43, Or Gerlitz wrote:
> The RDS code which is now present in the OFED 1.3 git tree is based on
> some snapshot of V3, where the stable RDS version is V2. I think a
> mistake
> was done here and OFED 1.3 RDS should be reverted to be based on v2.
> OFED 1.3 is about to be released somehow Dec 2007. I'd like to get you
> stand here.

I can't say much about ofed 1.3 yet. I haven't even looked at that
code very much, and I don't even know where it started divering
and why. I had always thought of that code as RDSv2 plus some
RDMA extensions for zerocopy.

When I sent my set of patches to Vlad, he said he was going to
fold them into the 1.3 tree as well. But I'll certainly be looking
at that code in the next couple of days, and submit anything that's

Or are you saying that there's a much wider gap there?

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