[Ocfs-users] Follow up on async I/O question

Derek Suzuki DSuzuki at ZipRealty.com
Wed Mar 24 16:54:25 CST 2004

	A few weeks back we opened a TAR with Oracle support to determine
whether an OCFS (1.0.9-12) + async configuration was considered supportable.
At first a technician said yes, but I followed up with Wim's explanation of
how that combination is potentially troublesome and inadequately tested.
The technician double-checked, then confirmed that OCFS + async is
considered risky.  He did say that a later Oracle patch would address this.
	Just a couple of days ago, in response to a performance-related TAR,
another technician said that we should try turning async mode on.  When we
referred him to the previous TAR, he said that the problems have since been
	I just noticed that OCFS 1.0.11 has been released (we skipped 1.0.10
due to the problems people were reporting).  I was wondering if this version
explicitly addresses the known concerns about async mode, or if the
technician was misinformed.  We do plan to test this release on a QA system,
but I suspect that any problems would be non obvious.
	Any further info on this matter would be appreciated.


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