[Ocfs-users] RHEL 3 and OCFS 1.0.9-12 / 1.0.11-1

Sunil Mushran Sunil.Mushran at oracle.com
Tue Mar 30 14:27:54 CST 2004

Same holds for RHEL3. The underlying kernel issue has been
address in 2.6. Both AS21 and EL3 are 2.4 based.

Baqir Hussain wrote:

>Is the following statement still valid for either OCFS 1.0.9-12 or OCFS
>The following is from one of the questions put forward by Derek Suzuki on
>"A couple more minor questions about OCFS and RHEL3"
>>Next, I saw a Metalink thread which suggests that async I/O is not >
>supported on OCFS with RHAS 2.1. It doesn't say anything about RHEL3. >
>We've been using async in our testing with no problems so far, and plan to >
>use it in production unless Oracle feels the combination is not yet >
>well - tough one, it works, but the big issue is that you rredologfile need
>to be contiguous on disk, otherwise you might have failures, exact same goes
>for rhel3 as rhas21.
> you can see that by running debugocfs 
>eg : /ocfs/log/foo1.dbf -> debugocfs -f /log/foo1.dbf /dev/sdXXX that will
>show how many offsets (should only have one) in the extents if its more than
>1, dd it over with a very large blocksize and see if that ends up being 1
>contig file. if you do that, everything should work, however, there just
>hasn't been enough real testing with aio, need to ggather more evidence. the
>reason the logfiles are annoying is because he way aio is implemented and
>how we call it, it cannto handle short io's or non contig aio submits. 
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