[Ocfs-users] OCFS and multipathing

Derek Suzuki DSuzuki at ZipRealty.com
Sat Mar 6 21:00:28 CST 2004

 I've got my RAC cluster running pretty smoothly now (thanks again for all
the help so far), but I only have single connections between the servers and
the RAID array.  The servers each have two Qlogic HBAs, and I'd like to find
out if there's any reasonable way to implement multipathing.
 The platform is RHEL 3, and Red Hat's knowledgebase indicates that they
strongly recommend against using the existing multipathing features in the
Qlogic drivers (supposedly some bad failure scenarios are possible).  I'm
also looking at the md driver's multipath capability, but I suspect that it
is not cluster-safe because the md devices have to write some metadata to
the shared disks.
 Is anyone doing real multipathing with RHEL and OCFS?  This is not a top
priority, since the two RAC nodes do provide redundancy, but it would be
tricky to add this capability once the system is in production.


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