[Ocfs-users] Worrisome file listings in ocfstool

Derek Suzuki DSuzuki at ZipRealty.com
Fri Mar 5 00:03:16 CST 2004

	We finally seem to have worked most of the kinks out of our OCFS/RAC
setup, and are running a mass import to clone our production database for
	While this has been going on, I fired up ocfstool to check out the
states of the various shared volumes.  In several cases, I saw (in the File
Listing tab) multiple entries for some directories and files at the
filesystem root.  The duplicate directory entries all seemed to contain the
same files, but some of the redundant files appeared to be older versions of
different sizes.
	At the OS level, I'm only seeing the appropriate up-to-date files.
When I check disk utilization with df and du, I see no evidence of any extra
	Is this anything to worry about, or is it just a quirk in ocfstool?


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