[graalvm-users] How to extend or create a new LLVM Bitcode Visitor

Alberto Barbaro barbaro.alberto at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 09:40:50 PST 2020

Hi Roland,
Yes you are right, that's the proper class name.

Atm the goal for me is just to print all the instructions that are executed
In the LLVM IR firm if possible.

If all goes well I'd like to work on a code coverage tool for the bitcode.


On Tue, Feb 11, 2020, 16:02 Roland Schatz <roland.schatz at oracle.com> wrote:

> Hi Alberto!
> I assume you mean the LLVMBitcodeInstructionVisitor class, right? This
> class is part of the internal implementation of the LLVM runtime in
> GraalVM, and not meant to be extended or used outside of the LLVM runtime.
> This is not meant as API, we might change that class without notice, even
> in minor releases.
> What are you trying to achieve by subclassing it?
> - Roland
> On 2/11/20 4:31 PM, Alberto Barbaro wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just started to use graalvm and I've noticed that the
> LLVMBitcodeVisitor class is market as final. I'd like to create my own
> visitor extending it... So I was wondering if there is a better approach
> rather then modifying a bit the source code. How would you recommend to do
> it?
> Thanks
> Alberto
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