[graalvm-users] Graaljs dependency with ASM

Carlos Aristu carlos.aristu at openbravo.com
Wed Jun 26 09:30:04 PDT 2019

Hello Christian,

  thank you for answering.

  Ok, then I'll try the manual update to use ASM 7.x and I'll let you know
in case I found any issue.



El mar., 25 jun. 2019 a las 11:24, Christian Wirth (<
christian.wirth at oracle.com>) escribió:

> Hi Carlos,
> we strive for a stable, well tested release, so we rather stayed with a
> tested version rather than jump on the newest version, especially for a
> library that is used only in specific usecases. That is of course a
> trade-off, as newer versions also bring bugfixes. Other sub-projects of
> GraalVM have transitioned to ASM 7.0 (or even 7.1) in the meantime.
> Graal.js will do that reasonably soon, although there is currently no ETA
> for that.
> The changelog of ASM 6.2.1 => 7.0 => 7.1 does not include any spectacular
> change, so I would assume a newer version should work as well. However, I
> am not aware how much ASM strives for compatibility along versions, and we
> have not tested that version change ourselves yet.
> If manually updating the version does not work for you, please feel free
> to open a ticket at https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__github.com_graalvm_graaljs_issues&d=DwIFaQ&c=RoP1YumCXCgaWHvlZYR8PZh8Bv7qIrMUB65eapI_JnE&r=CUkXBxBNT_D5N6HMJ5T9Z6rmvNKYsqupcbk72K0lcoQ&m=Wt6VYxqC1PuUJNWG04fW6TmZqsDkBXBemjlmaDHj8NU&s=DeVJS_HFoCDwtuJOBcolAfHlgvoKx_LL_7LICrKDkE8&e= so we can
> track and discuss there.
> Best,
> Christian
> Am 19.06.2019 um 18:01 schrieb Carlos Aristu:
> Hello,
>   I'm starting to integrate Graaljs in a project I'm working on. Its
> latest version (19.0.0) has a compile dependency on asm library version
> 6.2.1.[1]
>   Due to a dependency with another library, I already have the asm library
> present in my project's classpath, but I'm using version 7.0.0.
>   Do you know if is there any particular reason why Graaljs depends on
> version 6.2.1 of asm instead of depending on a more recent version? It
> would be any trouble if I use asm-7.0.0 or a newer version instead of the
> actual dependency (6.2.1)?
> Thank you in advance.
> [1] https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__mvnrepository.com_artifact_org.graalvm.js_js_19.0.0&d=DwIFaQ&c=RoP1YumCXCgaWHvlZYR8PZh8Bv7qIrMUB65eapI_JnE&r=CUkXBxBNT_D5N6HMJ5T9Z6rmvNKYsqupcbk72K0lcoQ&m=Wt6VYxqC1PuUJNWG04fW6TmZqsDkBXBemjlmaDHj8NU&s=L4sQ-8663rnoByMalm9EDUXMrjISbdfdUXa1-Voq0_0&e=
> <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__mvnrepository.com_artifact_org.graalvm.js_js_19.0.0&d=DwMFaQ&c=RoP1YumCXCgaWHvlZYR8PZh8Bv7qIrMUB65eapI_JnE&r=CUkXBxBNT_D5N6HMJ5T9Z6rmvNKYsqupcbk72K0lcoQ&m=TEH7C0MAd4b2M65Thri0d1S_xGJs1ZU1syKGtN75COs&s=05-OBROH2EbKmu0gut-sD2d4iU6CH4m2zZ7CIg126HQ&e=>
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