[rds-devel] Questions on the RDMA interface

Zach Brown zach.brown at oracle.com
Mon Nov 26 11:26:55 PST 2007

>  -	Various RDMA related getsockopt calls pass pointers in a uint64_t,
> 	such as rdma_id_addr in rds_barrier_args, or key_addr and
> 	phy_addr in rds_get_mr_args. Why? Is that for 32bit/64bit user
> 	space/kernel combinations?

Yeah, that's only done to avoid having to translate the pointer.

>  -	rds_iovec.bytes is a 64bit quantity, but RDMA transfers are limited
> 	to 2^31 bytes, according to the spec. The kernel should enforce this
> 	limit, or we should reflect that in the typedef.

I suppose if it were me I'd drop the interface to a u32 and also enforce
the 31 bit (sigh) limit.

- z

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