[graalvm-users] any graal-based java webscraping, javascript-handling library, related ideas you would recommend? ...

Albretch Mueller lbrtchx at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 06:00:28 PDT 2021

 For reasons which are not quite clear to me, even though you can't
browse the web without constantly facing login and "user agreement"
walls, being tracked click by click with session and permanent cookies
by IT companies telling you "they care about your privacy" and our
"care takers" using javascript as the #1 tool to do so, most sites
nowadays as part of their "caring strategies" use javascript to
dynamically insert content even though in most cases it is just static

 I need to use java to parse the textual content in sites, possibly
activating the js generating content and finding links inside. Nashorn
was migrated to graal, any webscraping library or such related
projects/strategies/ideas you would recommend?


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