[graalvm-users] New blog post: libgraal: GraalVM compiler as a precompiled GraalVM native image

Alina Yurenko alina.yurenko at oracle.com
Wed Jul 17 04:05:34 PDT 2019

Hello everyone, 

We published a new blog post about libgraal — a pre-compiled version of the GraalVM compiler.  It improves startup times and completely avoids interfering with the heap usage and profiling of the application code. You can read more about it here: https://medium.com/graalvm/libgraal-graalvm-compiler-as-a-precompiled-graalvm-native-image-26e354bee5c <https://medium.com/graalvm/libgraal-graalvm-compiler-as-a-precompiled-graalvm-native-image-26e354bee5c>


Alina Yurenko | Senior Developer Advocate 
Oracle Labs

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