[graalvm-users] General application of Graal/Truffle outside of language implementation.

Elias N Vasylenko elias at vasylenko.uk
Mon Apr 8 02:46:42 PDT 2019


So it strikes me that interpreters for programming languages are not
the only place in which we abstract over logic with AST-like structures 
that might benefit from JIT compilation. Have other applications of
Graal/Truffle outside of language implementations been explored? Do
they even make sense?

Take for instance something like RxJava, where a pipeline of operations
is built dynamically and then applied to a possibly-unbounded series of
messages. Even the Java Stream API is a similar pattern, though
instances tend to be short-lived over discrete, relatively-small data
sets so may not be good candidates. Could that kind of system benefit
from internally representing/processing operations via a truffle-based

I hope this is a sensible question, I am only a casual observer.


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