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Rodrigo Botafogo rodrigo.a.botafogo at gmail.com
Fri May 11 13:59:17 PDT 2018


Using method_missing, as you did, is exactly the way I've implemented
SciCom (Ruby with Renjin) and plan to work in SciCom2 (Ruby with FastR).
With method_missing we can encapsulate R inside Ruby and there is no need
to use multiple files, for Ruby and R, almost everything can be done in
Ruby transparently.

This is an example of SciCom (plain Ruby with R method calls encapsulate in
the R module):

require 'scicom'

# This dataset comes from Baseball-Reference.com.
baseball = R.read__csv("baseball.csv")

# Lets look at the data available for Momeyball.
moneyball = R.subset(baseball, baseball.Year < 2002)

# Let's see if we can predict the number of wins, by looking at
# runs allowed (RA) and runs scored (RS).  RD is the runs difference.
# We are making a linear model for predicting wins (W) based on RD
moneyball.RD = moneyball.RS - moneyball.RA
wins_reg = R.lm("W ~ RD", data: moneyball)


As another example, here is a SciCom script to print the number of days for
every month is 2005:

require ‘scicom’

everyday = R.seq(from: R.as__Date('2005-1-1'), to:
R.as__Date('2005-12-31'), by: 'day')
cmonth = everyday.format('%b')
  .factor(levels: cmonth.unique, ordered: TRUE)


See here that we can chain methods in usual Ruby way.  I think this is much
more readable than the R chaining %>% construct.

More information on SciCom - https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__github.com_rbotafogo_scicom_wiki&d=DwIFaQ&c=RoP1YumCXCgaWHvlZYR8PZh8Bv7qIrMUB65eapI_JnE&r=CUkXBxBNT_D5N6HMJ5T9Z6rmvNKYsqupcbk72K0lcoQ&m=93M0andXobSZh5VFKbn8JPc7LTMwaih8B1PXYnq3R70&s=JAOYh695J_ZKLiUpp0W21jD54KP15iQR0G9uFHiSsBE&e=

Thanks for your help!
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