[graalvm-users] Migrate from Nashhorn JSR 223 Scripting Engine to Graal

Andreas Mueller am at iit.de
Fri Jun 22 07:13:51 PDT 2018

Hi Andreas,

> 2. onTimer({execute: function(timer){}})
> (where execute is the name of the interface method)
> or if possible, add @FunctionalInterface to the interface

I guess it’s the above. I can’t change the scripts as we have hundreds of them on customer’s side. We use Nashorn as the scripting engine for SwiftMQ Streams. Nashorn automatically choses the right method without the need to annotate.

Adding the annotation is possible but can’t you provide a kind of Nashorn compatibility mode? That would make the transitioning a lot easier.

Concerning using GraalVM as the JVM:

We use the scripting engine as an integral part of our message broker. Customer’s don’t switch to GraalVM in production because we tell’em. What we need is in fact a Nashorn replacement as a scripting engine as part of the JDK or as a plugin into the JDK by adding it to the classpath. Nashorn’s performance is ok for us but an increase would be much appreciated. Are there plans to provide that?

Andreas Mueller
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