[graalvm-users] TypeError error message

David Conrad DavidConrad at acm.org
Fri Jul 6 03:06:36 PDT 2018


I just started using GraalVM and it's like magic. Well done!

Unfortunately, I made a silly mistake. I wrote an N-Queens solver
in C and a driver to call it in Javascript. But I forgot to convert the
command line parameters from strings to numbers:

> unknown:0
> unknown
> ^
> TypeError: INVOKE on foreign object failed due to: UnsupportedTypeException

The error message here is a little less than totally helpful. I'm sure
this is an area
that's still under development, but including the actual type and
expected type (or
list of acceptable types) is obviously desirable.

Despite that my early impression of GraalVM is extremely favorable and I want to
commend everyone working on it for an amazing piece of engineering.

David Conrad

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