[El-errata] ELSA-2012-0150 Moderate: Oracle Linux 5.8 kernel update

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Wed Mar 7 16:01:26 PST 2012

Oracle Linux Security Advisory ELSA-2012-0150


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 5 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:





The following packages were rebuilt to be in sync with the updated 
kernel version (no changes other than updating the version number):





Users with Oracle Linux Premier Support can now use Ksplice to patch
against this Security Advisory.

We recommend that all users of  Oracle Linux 5 install these updates.

Users of Ksplice Uptrack can install these updates by running :

# /usr/sbin/uptrack-upgrade -y
On systems that have "autoinstall = yes" in /etc/uptrack/uptrack.conf,
these updates will be installed automatically and you do not need to
take any additional action.

Description of changes:

* CVE-2011-1083: Algorithmic denial of service in epoll.

  A flaw was found in the way the Linux kernel's Event Poll (epoll)
  subsystem handled large, nested epoll structures. A local,
  unprivileged user could use this flaw to cause a denial of service.

- [scsi] lpfc: Update lpfc version for driver release (Rob 
Evers) [784073]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix FCP EQ memory check init w/single int vector (Rob 
Evers) [784073]

- [s390] crypto: Reset sha2 index after processing partial block (David 
Howells) [677860]
- Revert: [fs] xfs: implement ->dirty_inode to fix timestamp (Eric 
Sandeen) [653215]

- [s390] pfault: ignore leftover completion interrupts (Jarod Wilson) 
- [cpufreq] powernow-k8: Fix indexing issue (Frank Arnold) [782773]
- [scsi] device_handler: optimize transition retries (Rob Evers) [733635]
- [net] qlge: fix size of external list for TX address descriptors (Chad 
Dupuis) [772696]
- [net] igmp: Avoid zero delay when rx'ing odd mix of IGMP queries (Jiri 
Pirko) [772869]
- [net] be2net: create RSS rings even in multi-channel configs (Ivan 
Vecera) [773114]
- [net] ipv6: track device renames in snmp6 (Andy Gospodarek) [758923]
- [fs] jbd2: clear BH_Delay & BH_Unwritten in journal_unmap_buffer (Eric 
Sandeen) [783284] {CVE-2011-4086}
- [fs] epoll: workarounds to preserve kernel ABI (Jason Baron) [681692] 
- [fs] epoll: limit paths (Jason Baron) [681692] {CVE-2011-1083}
- [fs] epoll: prevent creating circular epoll structures (Jason Baron) 
[681692] {CVE-2011-1083}
- [fs] epoll: add ep_call_nested() (Jason Baron) [681692] {CVE-2011-1083}
- [fs] gfs2: additional fix for inode allocation error path (Robert S 
Peterson) [767377]
- [fs] gfs2: Revert clean up fsync changes (Robert S Peterson) [767377]
- [fs] ext4: ignore EXT4_INODE_JOURNAL_DATA flag with delalloc (Lukas 
Czerner) [769386]
- [mm] filemap: Make write(2) interruptible by a fatal signal (Lukas 
Czerner) [740898]
- [mm] Make task in balance_dirty_pages killable (Lukas Czerner) [740898]
- [fs] ext4: fix the deadlock in mpage_da_map_and_submit (Lukas Czerner) 
- [fs] ext4: fix deadlock in ext4_ordered_write_end (Lukas Czerner) [740898]
- [fs] ext4: mark multi-page IO complete on mapping failure (Lukas 
Czerner) [740898]
- [fs] ext4: make invalidate pages handle page range properly (Lukas 
Czerner) [740898]
- [fs] ext4: call mpage_da_submit_io from mpage_da_map_blocks (Lukas 
Czerner) [740898]
- [fs] nfsd: Avoid excess stack usage in svc_tcp_recvfrom (J. Bruce 
Fields) [765751]
- [fs] nfsd: Replace two page lists in struct svc_rqst with one (J. 
Bruce Fields) [765751]

- [edac] i5000: don't crash before showing the edac error (Mauro 
Carvalho Chehab) [713034]
- [Documentation] Add pci=noseg to kernel-parameters.txt (Prarit 
Bhargava) [743168]
- [net] ipv6: fix tcp_v6_conn_request (Jiri Benc) [714670]
- [redhat] update RHEL_MINOR to 8 for 5.8 release (Jarod Wilson) [773033]
- [misc] Move exit_robust_list to mm_release, null lists on cleanup 
(Laszlo Ersek) [750283] {CVE-2012-0028}
- [fs] nfs: Fix an O_DIRECT Oops (Jeff Layton) [754620] {CVE-2011-4325}
- [xen] x86: fix a few 32-on-64 compat mode issues (Igor Mammedov) [700752]

- [fs] gfs2: Fix inode allocation error path (Robert S Peterson) [767377]
- [fs] gfs2: Clean up fsync (Robert S Peterson) [767377]
- [misc] fix list_head userspace export regression error (Jarod Wilson) 
- [block] disable SG_IO ioctls on virtio-blk devices (Paolo Bonzini) 
- [net] cxgb4: fix firmware corruption (Neil Horman) [756661]
- [net] be2net: remove incorrect calls to netif_carrier_off (Ivan 
Vecera) [771391]
- [scsi] lpfc: Update lpfc version for driver release (Rob 
Evers) [769385]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix panic during EEH recovery on SLI4 FC port (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix a crash while deleting 256 vports (Rob Evers) [769385]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed OCM failing *_OBJECT mailbox pass-through (Rob 
Evers) [769385]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed firmware download regression (Rob Evers) [769385]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix system crash when LPe16000 fails to initialize (Rob 
Evers) [769385]

- [scsi] qla2xxx: Update FC-transport port_state translation matrix 
(Chad Dupuis) [765866]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Don't call alloc_fw_dump for ISP82XX (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Remove qla2x00_wait_for_loop_ready function (Chad 
Dupuis) [765866]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Display FCP_CMND priority on update (Chad Dupuis) [765866]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Check for SCSI status on underruns (Chad Dupuis) [765866]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: v5. (Chad Dupuis) [769019]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: clear the RISC interrupt bit during firmware init 
(Chad Dupuis) [769019]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: v5. (Chad Dupuis) [758762]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Fix panic due to incorrect tag_value_stride (Chad 
Dupuis) [758762]
- [fs] xfs: implement ->dirty_inode to fix timestamp handling (Carlos 
Maiolino) [653215]
- [net] drop_monitor: return -EAGAIN on duplicate state changes (Neil 
Horman) [688791]
- [net] ipv6: make disable_ipv6 work (Weiping Pan) [760199]
- [net] bnx2x: fix failure to bring link up on BCM57810 (Michal Schmidt) 
- [scsi] isci: link speeds default to gen2 (David Milburn) [768151]
- [fs] jbd: fix race in buffer processing in commit code (Josef Bacik) 
- [s390] kernel: cpu hotplug vs missing pfault completion interrupt 
(Hendrik Brueckner) [753194]
- [block] loop: Don't call loop_unplug on non-configured device 
(Veaceslav Falico) [617668]
- [virt] xen/netback: Clear IFF_TX_SKB_SHARING flags (Neil Horman) [753173]
- [scsi] sd: fix 32-on-64 block device ioctls (Paolo Bonzini) [752386] 
- [md] dm: do not forward ioctls from LVs to the underlying devices 
(Paolo Bonzini) [752386] {CVE-2011-4127}
- [block] fail SCSI passthrough ioctls on partition devices (Paolo 
Bonzini) [752386] {CVE-2011-4127}
- [block] add and use scsi_blk_cmd_ioctl (Paolo Bonzini) [752386] 

- [redhat] configs: Include generic ppc64 opts on all ppc64 configs 
(Alexander Gordeev) [748426]
- [fs] xfs: don't block on buffer read errors (Boris Ranto) [709223]
- [fs] nfs: Display lookupcache option in /proc/mounts (Sachin Prabhu) 
- [net] bonding: Don't allow mode change via sysfs w/slaves present 
(Veaceslav Falico) [768208]
- [net] be2net: Fix disabling multicast promiscuous mode (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] be2net: Fix endian issue in RX filter command (Ivan Vecera) [751998]
- [net] be2net: Changing MAC Address of a VF was broken (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] be2net: don't create multiple rings in multi channel mode (Ivan 
Vecera) [751998]
- [net] be2net: Making die temperature ioctl call async (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] be2net: Fix Endian issues in response read log length field 
(Ivan Vecera) [751998]
- [net] be2net: Change data type of on die temperature stat (Ivan 
Vecera) [751998]
- [net] be2net: Add 60 second delay for dump on recovery from EEH (Ivan 
Vecera) [751998]
- [net] be2net: Show newly flashed FW ver in ethtool (Ivan Vecera) [751998]
- [net] be2net: increase FW update completion timeout (Ivan Vecera) [751998]
- [net] be2net: Fix race in posting rx buffers (Ivan Vecera) [751998]
- [net] be2net: Store vid from grp5 event instead of vlan_tag (Ivan 
Vecera) [751998]
- [net] be2net: drop pkts that do not belong to the port (Ivan Vecera) 
- [fs] ext4: fix BUG_ON() in ext4_ext_insert_extent() (Lukas Czerner) 
[747946] {CVE-2011-3638}

- [net] e1000e: Avoid wrong check on TX hang (Dean Nelson) [746272]
- [net] tg3: Fix TSO loopback test (John Feeney) [755202]
- [net] ipvs: Fix memory leak when using one packet scheduler (Thomas 
Graf) [757882]
- [net] ipv6: Defer device init until valid qdisc specified (Neil 
Horman) [758736]
- [block] nbd: prevent sock_xmit from attempting to use NULL socket 
(Jeff Moyer) [676491]
- [net] tg3: Scale back code that modifies MRRS (John Feeney) [758882]
- [fs] xfs: Fix memory corruption in xfs_readlink (Carlos Maiolino) 
[749160] {CVE-2011-4077}
- [net] cxgb3: key cxgb3 driver to work based on NETIF_F_GRO (Neil 
Horman) [754709]
- [net] cxgb3: fix vfree BUG halt in rcu calback (Neil Horman) [756410]
- [net] ipv4: fix IN_DEV_ACCEPT_LOCAL() (Weiping Pan) [758993]
- [misc] cpu: Fix APIC calibration issues on VMware (Prarit Bhargava) 
- [net] igb: Loopback functionality support for i350 devices (Stefan 
Assmann) [758059]

- [pci] intel-iommu: Default to non-coherent for unattached domains (Don 
Dutile) [753924]
- [scsi] bfa: update driver embedded firmware to (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] bnx2i: Fix endian on TTT for NOP out transmission (Mike 
Christie) [752626]
- [input] evdev: Fix spin lock context in evdev_pass_event() (Don 
Zickus) [734900]
- [net] bnx2x: Add new PHY BCM54616 (Michal Schmidt) [733889]
- [scsi] ipr: add definitions for additional adapter (Steve Best) [753910]
- [scsi] ipr: Fix BUG on adapter dump timeout (Steve Best) [753910]
- [scsi] ipr: Add support to flash FPGA and flash back DRAM images 
(Steve Best) [753910]
- [scsi] ipr: Stop reading adapter dump prematurely (Steve Best) [753910]
- [char] rtc: fix reported IRQ rate for when HPET is enabled (Prarit 
Bhargava) [740299]
- [block] cciss: add Smart Array 5i to the kdump blacklist (Tomas Henzl) 
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Update version number to V5. (Chad 
Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Do not recover adapter if in FAILED state (Chad 
Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Fix duplicate targets in BIOS do not show up (Chad 
Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Fix rmmod kernel trace with ql4xdontresethba=1 (Chad 
Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Add ql4xmaxcmds Command Line Parameter (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Correct the locking mechanism (Chad Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Minidump implementation (Chad Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Device quiescent and loopback changes (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Add new FLT firmware region (Chad Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Prevent CPU lockups when ql4xdontresethba is set (Chad 
Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Updated the reset sequence for ISP82xx (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla4xxx: set set_ddb_entry with correct dma buffer (Chad 
Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Reset retry_relogin_timer to trigger a relogin (Chad 
Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Update ddb_entry on fw_ddb_index changes (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla4xxx: BFS issue when same target devices added twice (Chad 
Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: mark device missing in recover adapter (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Perform context resets on context failures (Chad 
Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: show hardware/firmware regs for more debug info (Chad 
Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Pass correct fw_ddb_index to abort_task (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla4xxx: check command already completed when abort issued 
(Chad Dupuis) [714214]
- [scsi] qla4xxx: Use os_target_id to identify a session (Chad Dupuis) 
- [fs] dcache: Fix dentry loop detection deadlock (David Howells) [717959]
- [net] cxgb4: fix ability to disable tx cksum and change tso (Neil 
Horman) [754711]
- [fs] nfs: when attempting dir open, fall back on normal lookup (Jeff 
Layton) [740162]
- [fs] nfs: remove BUG() from encode_share_access() (Jeff Layton) [754901]
- [fs] epoll: use up all the timeout (Jason Baron) [705138]
- [s390] qdio: avoid race leading to stall if CQ is used (Hendrik 
Brueckner) [753193]
- [scsi] libsas: disable scanning lun > 0 on ata devices (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: atapi support (David Milburn) [749309]
- [scsi] isci: initial sgpio write support (David Milburn) [743965]
- [scsi] isci: fix sgpio register definitions (David Milburn) [743965]
- [scsi] isci: export phy events via ->lldd_control_phy() (David 
Milburn) [747670]
- [scsi] isci: port state should be set to stopping on last phy (David 
Milburn) [747670]
- [scsi] isci: fix decode of DONE_CRC_ERR TC completion status (David 
Milburn) [747670]
- [scsi] isci: SATA/STP I/O only returned in normal path to libsas 
(David Milburn) [747670]
- [scsi] isci: fix support for large smp requests (David Milburn) [747670]
- [scsi] isci: fix missed unlock in apc_agent_timeout() (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: fix event-get pointer increment (David Milburn) [747670]
- [scsi] isci: add version number (David Milburn) [747670]
- [scsi] isci: dynamic interrupt coalescing (David Milburn) [747670]
- [scsi] isci: fix sata response handling (David Milburn) [747670]
- [scsi] isci: Leave requests alone if already terminating (David 
Milburn) [747670]
- [misc] irq: Check for spurious IRQ only on disabled IRQs (Prarit 
Bhargava) [756412]
- [net] sctp: Fix another race during accept/peeloff (Thomas Graf) [714870]
- [net] bonding: change slave->speed from u16 to u32 (Weiping Pan) [747547]
- [scsi] bnx2i: set PF_NOFREEZE in IO thread (Mike Christie) [753729]
- [fs] hfs: add sanity check for file name length (Eric Sandeen) 
[755433] {CVE-2011-4330}
- [fs] aio: remove upper bound on retries (Jeff Moyer) [753271]

- [scsi] be2iscsi: Move driver Version to (Mike Christie) [744343]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: memset wrb for ring create (Mike Christie) [744343]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Fix for when task->sc was cleaned up earlier (Mike 
Christie) [744343]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Fix for wrong dmsg setting in wrb (Mike Christie) 
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Fix for kdump failure (Mike Christie) [744343]
- [net] ethtool: Support large register dumps (Neil Horman) [753200]
- [fs] proc: Fix select on /proc files without ->poll (David Howells) 
- [net] igb: bump version to reflect RHEL5.8 updates (Stefan Assmann) 
- [fs] dcache: Log ELOOP rather than creating a loop (David Howells) 
- [fs] dcache: Fix loop checks in d_materialise_unique (David Howells) 
- [fs] nfs: Ensure we mark inode as dirty if early exit from commit 
(Jeff Layton) [714020]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Update the 4G and 8G firmware to 5.06.03 (Chad Dupuis) 
- [x86] apic: ack all pending irqs when crashed/on kexec (hiro muneda) 
- [net] cxgb3: Fix VLAN over Jumbo frames (Neil Horman) [753053]
- [net] cxgb3: Fix out of bounds index of adapter_info (Neil Horman) 

- [security] keys: Fix NULL deref in user-defined key type (David 
Howells) [751301] {CVE-2011-4110}
- [fs] dlm: delayed reply message warning (David Teigland) [677413]
- [virt] kvm: fix regression w/ 32 bit KVM clock (Rik van Riel) [731599 
- [net] bonding: update speed/duplex for NETDEV_CHANGE (Weiping Pan) 

- [scsi] megaraid_sas: add workaround for PERC5/1068 kdump panic (Tomas 
Henzl) [745964]
- [fs] jbd/jbd2: validate sb->s_first in journal_get_superblock (Eryu 
Guan) [706810]
- [net] tg3: Remove 5719 jumbo frames and TSO blocks (John Feeney) [743117]
- [net] tg3: Break larger frags into 4k chunks for 5719 (John Feeney) 
- [net] tg3: Add tx BD budgeting code (John Feeney) [743117]
- [net] tg3: Consolidate code that calls tg3_tx_set_bd() (John Feeney) 
- [net] tg3: Add partial fragment unmapping code (John Feeney) [743117]
- [net] tg3: Generalize tg3_skb_error_unmap() (John Feeney) [743117]
- [net] tg3: Simplify tx bd assignments (John Feeney) [743117]
- [net] tg3: Reintroduce tg3_tx_ring_info (John Feeney) [743117]
- [net] tg3: Add TSO loopback test (John Feeney) [743117]
- [net] tg3: Cleanup transmit error path (John Feeney) [743117]
- [scsi] lpfc: Update lpfc version for driver release (Rob 
Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix kernel build warnings (Rob Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix crash when cfg_fcp_eq_count is zero (Rob Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix COMMON_GET_CNTL_ATTR mbox cmd failure (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix SLI4 device detecting physical port name (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix reporting of firmware versions that contain an X (Rob 
Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix kernel crash during boot with SLI4 card (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed RPI leaks in ELS protocol handling (Rob Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Properly clean up EQ and CQ child lists (Rob Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed NPIV FDISC failure on SLI4 if-type 2 ports (Rob 
Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed failure to do IP reset on SLI4 error (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed fcp underrun reporting (Rob Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix sysfs lists fabric name for disconnected port (Rob 
Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: change SLI_CONFIG mailbox cmd timeout to 300 seconds (Rob 
Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix handling IP reset when PCI read return error (Rob 
Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed casting problem (Rob Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix error code return for management API (Rob Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix sli4 mailbox status code (Rob Evers) [747348]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed incomplete scsi messages displayed (Rob Evers) [747348]
- [net] igb: Fix for Alt MAC Address feature on 82580 and later (Stefan 
Assmann) [748792]
- [net] igb: enable link power down (Stefan Assmann) [742514]
- [net] netfilter: Search all chains if drop due to max conntrack 
(Thomas Graf) [713222]
- [x86] hwmon: enable i5k_amb driver to get memory resource (Dean 
Nelson) [736032]
- [xen] ia64: fix compile warning added by watchdog timers (Laszlo 
Ersek) [742880]

- [net] bonding: Have bond_check_dev_link examine netif_running (Ivan 
Vecera) [736172]
- [net] be2net: enable NETIF_F_LLTX and add own locking of Tx path (Ivan 
Vecera) [731806]
- [net] be2net: fix multicast filter programming (Ivan Vecera) [731806]
- [net] be2net: fix cmd-rx-filter not notifying MCC (Ivan Vecera) [731806]
- [net] be2net: use RX_FILTER cmd to program multicast addresses (Ivan 
Vecera) [731806]
- [fs] cifs: fix wrong buffer length returned by SendReceive (Sachin 
Prabhu) [720363]
- [net] ipv6: allow DAD to be disabled (Jiri Benc) [709271]
- [xen] Watchdog timers for domains (Laszlo Ersek) [742880]

- [net] tg3: put back 5717_PLUS for 5719 and 5720 (John Feeney) [749866]
- [s390] qdio: EQBS retry after CCQ 96 (Hendrik Brueckner) [749058]
- [fs] nfs: re-add call to filemap_fdatawrite (David Jeffery) [748999]
- [x86] Add missing CPU feature flags for AMD Bulldozer (Frank Arnold) 
- [usb] input/wacom: add support for Bamboo MTE-450A (Aristeu Rozanski) 
- [fs] gfs2: Add readahead to sequential directory traversal (Robert S 
Peterson) [681902]
- [fs] gfs2: Cache dir hash table in a contiguous buffer (Robert S 
Peterson) [681902]

- [misc] modsign: Clean up canonlist properly during sig verify (Jiri 
Olsa) [485173]
- [virt] kvm: fix lost tick accounting for 32 bit kvm-clock (Rik van 
Riel) [731599]
- [fs] epoll: fix integer overflow warning (Jason Baron) [705138]
- [net] bonding: allow all slave speeds (Jiri Pirko) [699661]
- [net] bonding: fix string comparison errors (Andy Gospodarek) [680332]
- [fs] vfs: fix automount should ignore LOOKUP_FOLLOW (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] proc: fix oops on invalid /proc/<pid>/maps access (Johannes 
Weiner) [747699] {CVE-2011-3637}
- [fs] file: do not kfree vmalloc'd file table arrays (Johannes Weiner) 
- [net] bnx2x: fix bad pointer arithmetic causing memory corruption 
(Michal Schmidt) [747579]
- [net] bnx2x: restore bnx2x/cnic/bnx2i update (Jarod Wilson) [715383 
715388 715604]
- [misc] remove div_long_long_rem (Prarit Bhargava) [732614] {CVE-2011-3209}
- [net] bridge: fix use after free in __br_deliver (Amerigo Wang) 
[703045] {CVE-2011-2942}

- [redhat] configs: Increase the maximum allowed number of UART's (Mauro 
Carvalho Chehab) [684874]
- [net] igb: add entropy support option (Stefan Assmann) [605703]
- [net] bnx2x: revert bnx2x/cnic/bnx2i update (Jarod Wilson) [715383 
715388 715604]
- [virt] xen/netback: disable features not supported by netfront (Paolo 
Bonzini) [746225]
- [fs] jbd: Fix forever sleeping process in do_get_write_access 
(Harshula Jayasuriya) [745345]
- [fs] jbd2: Fix forever sleeping process in do_get_write_access 
(Harshula Jayasuriya) [745345]
- [s390] crypto: Toleration for ap bus devices with device type 10 
(Hendrik Brueckner) [744859]
- [cpufreq] powernow-k8: add missing unregister_cpu_notifier (Prarit 
Bhargava) [743961]
- [misc] cpu: make set_mtrr disable interrupts before sending IPI (Shyam 
Iyer) [739631]
- [net] cxgb3: Update to latest upstream for rhel5.8 (Neil Horman) [717807]
- [infiniband] cxgb3: backport upstream fixes for rhel5.8 (Neil Horman) 
- [net] mlx4: remove duplicate rounddown_pow_of_two (Jarod Wilson) [714232]
- [x86] Fix suspend/resume on AMD IOMMUs (Matthew Garrett) [712296]
- [acpi] Backport pm_qos support to rhel5 (Matthew Garrett) [691954]
- [ipc] shm: add RSS and swap size information to /proc/sysvipc/shm 
(Jerome Marchand) [638652]
- [ipc] shm: fix 32-bit truncation of segment sizes (Jerome Marchand) 
- [usb] host: slow down ehci ITD reuse (Don Zickus) [571737]
- [usb] host: Fix EHCI ISO transfer bug (Don Zickus) [571737]
- [usb] host: fix bug in ehci Iso scheduling (Don Zickus) [571737]
- [usb] host: ehci completes high speed ISO URBs sooner (Don Zickus) 
- [xen] x86: introduce cpuid whitelist (Andrew Jones) [526862 711070]

- [scsi] megaraid: fix FastPath and update to v5.40 (Tomas Henzl) [717698]
- [net] netxen: Add pcie fw load perf drop workaround (Chad Dupuis) [714239]
- [net] netxen: add vlan LRO support (Chad Dupuis) [714239]
- [net] netxen: add fw version compatibility check (Chad Dupuis) [714239]
- [net] netxen: Remove casts of void * (Chad Dupuis) [714239]
- [net] netxen: fix race in skb->len access (Chad Dupuis) [714239]
- [net] netxen: Remove unnecessary semicolons (Chad Dupuis) [714239]
- [net] netxen: suppress false lro warning messages (Chad Dupuis) [714239]
- [net] netxen: Fix common misspellings (Chad Dupuis) [714239]
- [net] netxen: Add support for VLAN RX HW acceleration (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Update the 4G and 8G firmware to 5.06.01 (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Updated the driver version to 
(Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: properly set the port number. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Check for marker IOCB during response queue 
processing. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Retrun sysfs error codes appropriate to conditions 
(Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Handle MPI timeout indicated by AE8002 (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Use port number to compute nvram/vpd parameter 
offsets. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Change from irq to irqsave with host_lock (Chad 
Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Check for golden firmware and show version if 
available. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Issue mailbox command only when firmware hung bit is 
reset for ISP82xx. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Correct inadvertent loop state transitions during 
port-update handling. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Update to the beacon implementation. (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Add support for ISP82xx to capture dump (minidump) on 
failure. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Check for marker IOCB during response queue 
processing. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Fix qla24xx revision check while enabling interrupts. 
(Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Check to see if a request has completed before calling 
qla2x00_block_error_handler() in the abort handler. (
Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Acquire hardware lock while manipulating dsd list. 
(Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Double check for command completion if abort mailbox 
command fails. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Fix array out of bound warning. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Prevent CPU lockups when  module param is set. (Chad 
Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Provide method for updating I2C attached VPD. (Chad 
Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Enable write permission to some debug related module 
parameters to be changed dynamically. (Chad Dupuis) [71
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Implemented beacon on/off for ISP82XX. (Chad Dupuis) 
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Check alterante 'reason' code during GPSC status 
handling. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: During loopdown perform Diagnostic loopback. (Chad 
Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Refactor call to qla2xxx_read_sfp for thermal 
temperature. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Unify the read/write sfp mailbox command routines 
(Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Correct read sfp single byte mailbox register. (Chad 
Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Clear complete initialization control block. (Chad 
Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Allow an override of the registered maximum LUN. (Chad 
Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Add host number in reset and quiescent message logs. 
(Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Correct buffer start in edc sysfs debug print. (Chad 
Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Correction to sysfs edc interface. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Improve logging of exception conditions when creating 
NPIV ports. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Log if firmware fails to load from flash for ISP82xx. 
(Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Add test for valid loop id on fabric relogin. (Chad 
Dupuis) [714206]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Don't wait for active mailbox command completion when 
firmware is hung. (Chad Dupuis) [714206]
- [misc] dcache: exclude new automount functions from kabi (Ian Kent) 
- [fs] autofs4: rename follow_down_one to follow_down for kabi (Ian 
Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: rename d_managed to d_mounted to preserve kabi (Ian 
Kent) [560103]
- [fs] vfs: remove LOOKUP_NO_AUTOMOUNT flag (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] vfs: Fix the remaining automounter semantics regressions (Ian 
Kent) [560103]
- [fs] vfs: Add LOOKUP_AUTOMOUNT flag for pathname lookup (Ian Kent) 
- [fs] vfs: automount should ignore LOOKUP_FOLLOW (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] vfs: Fix automount for negative autofs dentries (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] vfs: Remove a further kludge from __do_follow_link (Ian Kent) 
- [fs] autofs4: bump version (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: reinstate last used update on access (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: add v4 pseudo direct mount support (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: fix wait validation (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: cleanup autofs4_free_ino (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: cleanup dentry operations (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: cleanup inode operations (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: removed unused code (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: add d_manage dentry operation (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: add d_automount dentry operation (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] vfs: Make follow_down handle d_manage (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] vfs: Make d_mounted a more general field for special functs (Ian 
Kent) [560103]
- [fs] vfs: Add AT_NO_AUTOMOUNT flag to suppress terminal automount (Ian 
Kent) [560103]
- [fs] cifs: Use d_automount rather than abusing follow_link (Ian Kent) 
- [fs] nfs: Use d_automount rather than abusing follow_link (Ian Kent) 
- [fs] namei: Add dentry op for automount, don't use follow_link (Ian 
Kent) [560103]
- [fs] namei: rename struct path to vfs_path (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: rename dentry to expiring in _lookup_expiring (Ian Kent) 
- [fs] autofs4: rename dentry to active in autofs4_lookup_active() (Ian 
Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: eliminate d_unhashed in path walk checks (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: cleanup active and expire lookup (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: rename unhashed to active in autofs4_lookup() (Ian Kent) 
- [fs] autofs4: use autofs_info for pending flag (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: use helper for need mount check (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: use helpers for expiring list (Ian Kent) [560103]
- [fs] autofs4: use helpers for active list handling (Ian Kent) [560103]

- [fs] nfs: don't redirty inodes with no outstanding commits (Jeff 
Layton) [739665]
- [edac] i7core_edac: Init memory name with cpu, channel, bank (Mauro 
Carvalho Chehab) [731824]
- [message] mptsas: upgrade version string to 3.04.20rh (Tomas Henzl) 
- [message] mptsas: Fix device offline from aggressive HBA reset (Tomas 
Henzl) [717707]
- [message] mptsas: Better handling of DEAD IOC PCI-E Link down err 
(Tomas Henzl) [717707]
- [message] mptsas: Set max_sector count from module parameter (Tomas 
Henzl) [717707]
- [message] mptsas: check SILI bit in READ_6 CDB for DATA UNDERRUN 
(Tomas Henzl) [717707]
- [message] mptsas: Fix annoying warning (Tomas Henzl) [717707]
- [message] mptsas: Remove debug print from mptscsih_qcmd() (Tomas 
Henzl) [717707]
- [message] mptsas: do not check serial_number in the abort handler 
(Tomas Henzl) [717707]
- [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix stall when fw reset to port without privs (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix uninit local var portstat_reg compiler warning (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix request fw support for little endian systems (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix default adapter name for the OCe15100 (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix proper error code return value for hba resets (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix cable pull failure on intf type 2 SLI-4 adapters (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix omission of fcf priority failover sysfs entry (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix SLI port recovery error attention with RN set (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix crashes when unsolicted ELS ECHO_CMD received (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix direct connect not coming up for SLI4 FC ports (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix fw update to match new firmware image format (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix SLI4 CT handling for sequences > 4K (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed handling of unsolicited frames for vports (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed crash when aborting els IOs (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed handling of CVL for vports (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix up CT and oxid/rxid for unsol rcv frames (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix duplicate log numbers caused by merge (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed compiler warning with file_operations struct (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Added fcf priority record selection for fcf failover (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix excess memory on stack compiler warning (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix listhbas stall w/remote initiators in zone (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix not building in debugfs if CONFIG_DEBUG_FS=y (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix FC/FCoE Async Receive CQE not scaling (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag added SLI4 PCI BAR reigster access methods (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag cmd structure indexing by using macro defines (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag multi-buffer mbox command capture and dump ext (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: SLI4 loopback test and link diagnostic support (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: FLOGI payload has Multiple IDs on enable_npiv clear (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: log when writeable parameters are changed (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix ASIC SYSFS failed multi-buffer fw download (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix mbox cmd release memory leak (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: merge debugfs ASIC extents info into iDiag framework (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: wait for port status reg for ready after fw reset (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Consolidated duplicating macro definitions (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Remove sharp define from codebase (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Implement debugfs support for resource extents (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag r/w bitset/clear access to new ASIC ctl regs (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix mbox command failure with multiple large buffers (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag endian explicit dumping (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag debugfs method for dumping mbox from SLI4 (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: request PCI reset to support EEH recover on P7 (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag debugfs inline mbox cmd capture and dump (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix enabling of PCIe AER (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix EEH recovery to save state after SLI4 PCI reset (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: INIT_LIST_HEAD to lpfc_mgmt_issue_sli_cfg_ext_mbox (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: new ASIC mgmt pass-through mbox multi-buffer ext (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix FC Port swap on SLI3 adapters (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix Virtual link loss during failover test (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix vpi initialization in lpfc_init_vfi (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: show 16 Gbit in FC host supported_speeds sysfs entry (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: support reseting firmware and device from sysfs entry 
(Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: support firmware dump obj file to flash filesystem (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Add firmware upgrade code to driver (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: add delay following IF_TYPE_2 function reset (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fragment ELS & SCSI SGE lists via Extent regions (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed potential missed SLI4 init failure conditions (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Add model names for new hardware (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Set max SGE size to 0x80000000 where possible (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix discovery failure in private loop (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix SLI3 and non-NPIV crashes with new extent code (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Refactor lpfc_sli4_alloc_extent some more (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Restore mbox can fail as nonerror functionality (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix build warnings in (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Use HDRR bit to determine if RPI headers are needed (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Don't post RPI Headers if port supports extents (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: ASIC mgmt multi-buffer mbox passthrough support (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Add MAILBOX_MGMT_MAX define (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Refactor code in lpfc_sli4_alloc_extent (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: start new ASIC device management support work (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix port capabilities and get parameters mbox calls (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix SLI2 crashes with new extent code (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix mbox processing to not overwrite status codes (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: enumerate members starting from none zero value (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Remove workaround for extents endian issue (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Call correct mbox cleanup routine after extent alloc (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: extent block list cleanup and free memory resources (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix memory leak in extent block lists (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Modified variables for XRIs to be unsigned variable (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: support for nonembedded Extent mailbox IOCTLs (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed compilation error/warning in sli code (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Rework SLI4 Extents code (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed mask size for the wq_id mask (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix Port Error detected during POST (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Apply dropped patch from initial new ASIC bring up (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Rework SLI4 Extents code (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Reorganize CQ and EQ usage to comply with SLI4 Specs (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix KERN levels on log messages 3008, 2903, 0383 (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Initial checkin of SLI4 Extents code (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix ASIC mbox queue id collision with work queue id (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: work on systems with Page Size Larger than 4k (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: set constant sysfs passthrough mbox cmd maximum size (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix FCFI incorrect on received unsolicited frames (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Add LOG_ELS message to NPIV LOGO (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: move multi-buffer macros into shared IOCTL header (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix build warning in debugfs code (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag debugfs SLI4 doorbell reigster access methods (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix RQ_CREATE version 1 fails (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Add Temporary RPI field to the ELS request WQE (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Allow SLI4 with FCOE_MODE not set on new FC adapters (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: only look at BAR2 or BAR4 only for if_type 0 (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag debugfs SLI4 display index info in decimal (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag debugfs SLI4 device queue entry access methods (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Update copyright date for all changed files (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fixed the compiler warning in current code (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: handle PCI Link drop detection failure (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Add selective reset jump table entry (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: lower stack use in lpfc_fc_frame_check (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: fix comment typo diable -> disable (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: fix comment/printk typos (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Add new Queue create Mailbox versions for new ASIC (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Place LPFC driver module parameters in sysfs (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] lpfc: Fix compile warning for iDiag (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Performance Hints support (Rob Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: Add new driver interfaces for encryption products (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag driver support debugfs queue information get (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag debugfs PCI cfg reg bits set/clear methods (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [scsi] lpfc: iDiag debugfs framework and r/w PCI cfg space regs (Rob 
Evers) [714290]
- [block] cciss: bump driver version (Tomas Henzl) [714129]
- [block] cciss: need to delay after a PCI Power Management reset (Tomas 
Henzl) [714129]
- [block] cciss: auto engage scsi susbsystem (Tomas Henzl) [714129]
- [block] cciss: store pdev in hba struct (Tomas Henzl) [714129]
- [block] cciss: use consistent variable names (Tomas Henzl) [714129]
- [block] cciss: add a commandline switch for simple mode (Tomas Henzl) 
- [fs] proc: close race with exec in mem_read() (Johannes Weiner) 
[692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [mm] implement access_remote_vm (Johannes Weiner) [692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [mm] factor out main logic of access_process_vm (Johannes Weiner) 
[692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [mm] use mm_struct to resolve gate vma's in __get_user_pages (Johannes 
Weiner) [692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [mm] make in_gate_area take mm_struct instead of a task_struct 
(Johannes Weiner) [692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [mm] make get_gate_vma take mm_struct instead of task_struct (Johannes 
Weiner) [692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [x86_64] mark assoc mm when running task in 32 bit compat mode 
(Johannes Weiner) [692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [misc] sched: add ctx tag to mm running task in ia32 compat mode 
(Johannes Weiner) [692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [fs] proc: require the target to be tracable (or yourself) (Johannes 
Weiner) [692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [fs] proc: close race in /proc/*/environ (Johannes Weiner) [692042] 
- [fs] proc: report errors in /proc/*/*map* sanely (Johannes Weiner) 
[692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [fs] proc: shift down_read(mmap_sem) to the caller (Johannes Weiner) 
[692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [fs] detect exec transition phase with new mm but old creds (Johannes 
Weiner) [692042] {CVE-2011-1020}
- [net] tg3: call netif_carrier_off to initialize operstate value (John 
Feeney) [635982]
- [net] tg3: Update to plus (John Feeney) [715409]
- [net] tg3: Update to 3.119 (John Feeney) [715409]
- [net] tg3: Update to 3.118 (John Feeney) [683393 699545]
- [net] tg3: Update to 3.117 (John Feeney) [715409]
- [xen] make test_assign_device domctl dependent on intremap hw (Laszlo 
Ersek) [740203]
- [xen] Propagate target dom within XEN_DOMCTL_test_assign_device 
(Laszlo Ersek) [740203]

- [net] e1000: don't enable dma rx until after dma address setup (Dean 
Nelson) [714318]
- [net] e1000: save skb counts in TX to avoid cache misses (Dean Nelson) 
[714318 742124]
- [net] e1000: Fix driver to be used on PA RISC C8000 workstations (Dean 
Nelson) [714318]
- [net] e1000: repair missing flush operations (Dean Nelson) [714318]
- [net] e1000: always do e1000_check_for_link on e1000_ce4100 MACs (Dean 
Nelson) [714318]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Add pci_disable device (Mike Christie) [714292]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Adding a shutdown Routine (Mike Christie) [713816 714292]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Fix /proc/interrupts problem (Mike Christie) [714292]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: remove host and session casts (Mike Christie) [714292]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Use struct scsi_lun in iscsi structs (Mike Christie) 
- [scsi] be2iscsi: fix chip cleanup (Mike Christie) [714292]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: fix boot hang due to interrupts not rearmed (Mike 
Christie) [714292]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Fix for proper setting of FW (Mike Christie) [714292]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Set a timeout to FW (Mike Christie) [714292]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: remove extra semicolons (Mike Christie) [714292]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: Fix common misspellings (Mike Christie) [714292]
- [scsi] be2iscsi: tmp revert Fix MSIX interrupt names fix (Mike 
Christie) [714292]
- [infiniband] cxgb4: Fail RDMA initialization on unsupported cards 
(Steve Best) [713943]
- [infiniband] cxgb4: Couple of abort fixes (Steve Best) [713943]
- [infiniband] cxgb4: Don't truncate MR lengths (Steve Best) [713943]
- [infiniband] cxgb4: Don't exceed hw IQ depth limit for user CQs (Steve 
Best) [713943]
- [hwmon] lm78: Make ISA interface depend on CONFIG_ISA (Dean Nelson) 
- [hwmon] lm78: Avoid forward declarations (Dean Nelson) [713815]
- [hwmon] lm78: Stop abusing struct i2c_client for ISA devices (Dean 
Nelson) [713815]
- [hwmon] lm78: Detect alias chips (Dean Nelson) [713815]
- [hwmon] don't build drivers for ppc that touch ISA addresses (Dean 
Nelson) [713815]
- [char] CONFIG_TELCLOCK depends on X86 (Dean Nelson) [713815]
- [misc] add oprofile support for Sandy Bridge (John Villalovos) [713666]
- [net] ixgbe: update to upstream version 3.4.8-k (Andy Gospodarek) 
[713110 714013 714314]
- [net] e1000e: fix WoL on 82578DM and 82567V3 (Andy Gospodarek) [712773]
- [fs] gfs2: Call gfs2_meta_wipe for directory hash blocks (Abhijith 
Das) [706616]
- [net] bonding: resolve failover problems related to jiffy wrap (Andy 
Gospodarek) [693258]
- [fs] nfs: Don't call iput holding nfs_access_cache_shrinker lock 
(Steve Dickson) [585935]
- [block] improve detail in I/O error messages (Mike Snitzer) [516170]
- [md] dm-mpath: propagate target errors immediately (Mike Snitzer) [516170]
- [scsi] Correctly handle thin provisioning write error (Mike Snitzer) 
- [md] dm-mpath: sync pushback code with upstream (Mike Snitzer) [516170]
- [scsi] Add detailed SCSI I/O errors (Mike Snitzer) [516170]
- [scsi] Fix sense key MEDIUM ERROR processing and retry (Mike Snitzer) 
- [scsi] fix error propagation (Mike Snitzer) [516170]
- [scsi] fix recovered error handling (Mike Snitzer) [516170]
- [scsi] simplify scsi_io_completion() (Mike Snitzer) [516170]
- [scsi] fix barrier failure and error propagation issues (Mike Snitzer) 

- [scsi] libsas: amend device gone notification in sas_deform_port 
(David Milburn) [742356]
- [scsi] libsas: fix up device gone notification in sas_deform_port 
(David Milburn) [742356]
- [scsi] libsas: fix loopback topology bug during discovery (David 
Milburn) [742356]
- [scsi] libsas: fix SATA NCQ error (David Milburn) [742356]
- [scsi] libsas: fix ATAPI check condition termination (David Milburn) 
- [net] fix low throughput when using vlan over bonding (Flavio Leitner) 
- [net] core/netpoll: clean skb->next before pushing it down (Flavio 
Leitner) [741374]
- [net] sfc: Use MCDI RX_BAD_FCS_PKTS count as MAC rx_bad count (Michal 
Schmidt) [739077]
- [md] raid5: fix raid6 resync corruption bug (Doug Ledford) [738984]
- [scsi] scsi_lib: pause between error retries (Rob Evers) [736809]
- [md] return an error code when we don't fail a drive (Doug Ledford) 
- [fs] nfs: update nfs4_fattr_bitmap_maxsz (Steve Dickson) [735477]
- [net] ipv6: fix refcnt problem related to POSTDAD state (Weiping Pan) 
- [net] bnx2x: update FW to 7.0.23 (Michal Schmidt) [715383 715388 715604]
- [scsi] bnx2i: driver update for 5.8 (Michal Schmidt) [715383 715388 
- [net] cnic: driver update for 5.8, part 2 (Michal Schmidt) [715383 
715388 715604]
- [net] bnx2x: fix undesired VLAN stripping (Michal Schmidt) [715383 
715388 715604]
- [net] bnx2x: driver update for 5.8, part 3 (Michal Schmidt) [715383 
715388 715604]
- [net] bnx2x: 57712 parity handling (Michal Schmidt) [715383 715388 715604]
- [net] bnx2x, cnic, bnx2i: New 7.0 Firmware (Michal Schmidt) [715383 
715388 715604]
- [net] bnx2x: driver update for 5.8, part 2 (Michal Schmidt) [715383 
715388 715604]
- [net] cnic: driver update for 5.8, part 1 (Michal Schmidt) [715383 
715388 715604]
- [net] bnx2x, cnic: Disable iSCSI if DCBX negotiation succeeds (Michal 
Schmidt) [715383 715388 715604]
- [net] bnx2x: driver update for 5.8, part 1 (Michal Schmidt) [715383 
715388 715604]
- [net] bnx2x: temporarily revert BCM57710 bringup fix (Michal Schmidt) 
[715383 715388 715604]
- [misc] ethtool: Add 20G bit definitions (Michal Schmidt) [715383 
715388 715604]
include (Dean Nelson) [714318]
- [net] ixgbevf: update to upstream version 2.1.0-k (Andy Gospodarek) 
- [net] e1000e: update to upstream version 1.4.4 (Andy Gospodarek) [714315]
- [net] bna: Multiple Definition and Interface Setup Fix (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] bna: Driver Version changed to (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Add Callback to Fix RXQ Stop (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: PLL Init Fix and Add Stats Attributes (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Brocade 1860 HW Enablement (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: new firmware for new hardware (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Implement FW Download for New HW (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Capability Map and MFG Block Changes for New HW (Ivan 
Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Brocade 1860 IOC PLL, Reg Defs and ASIC Mode Changes (Ivan 
Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: PCI Probe Conf Lock Fix (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Semaphore Lock Fix (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Set Ring Param Fix (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Eliminate Small Race Condition Window in RX Path (Ivan 
Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: make function tables cont (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Driver Version changed to (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: MBOX IRQ Flag Check after Locking (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Initialization and Locking Fix (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Ethtool Enhancements and Fix (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Async Mode Tx Rx Init Fix (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Formatting and Code Cleanup (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: TX Path and RX Path Changes (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Interrupt Polling and NAPI Init Changes (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: PCI Probe Fix (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Naming Change and Minor Macro Fix (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: off by one in bfa_msgq_rspq_pi_update() (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: unlock on error path in pnad_pci_probe() (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Driver Version changed to (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Remove Obsolete Files (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Remove Unused Code (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: firmware update for new (v3) bna driver (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: ENET and Tx Rx Redesign Enablement (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Add New HW Defs (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Tx and Rx Redesign (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Introduce ENET as New Driver and FW Interface (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] bna: MSGQ Implementation (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Remove Obsolete File bfi_ctreg.h (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Consolidated HW Registers for Supported HWs (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] bna: Remove get_regs Ethtool Support (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: HW Interface Init Update (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Remove Unnecessary CNA Check (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Header File Consolidation (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: HW Error Counter Fix (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Add HW Semaphore Unlock Logic (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: IOC Event Name Change (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Mboxq Flush When IOC Disabled (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Minor IRQ Index and Definition Change (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: State Machine Fault Handling Cleanup (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: IOC Event Notification Enhancement (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: CheckPatch Cleanup (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Print Driver Version (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Separate irq type flags from request_irq variable (Ivan 
Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: use netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align() (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Fix bad kzalloc call with interrupts disabled (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] bna: Remove casts of void * (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: fix warning bfa_ioc_smem_pgoff defined but not used (Ivan 
Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: Fix set-but-unused variables (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [net] bna: convert to hw_features (Ivan Vecera) [714019]
- [scsi] bfa: update firmware to version (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Update the driver version to (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Add support to store driver configuration in flash (Rob 
Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Added support to configure QOS and collect stats (Rob 
Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Added support to collect and reset fcport stats (Rob 
Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Add support for IO profiling (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Check supported speed based on port mode (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Update RME interrupt handling (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Add FC-transport Async Event Notification support (Rob 
Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Update the driver version to (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Driver enhancements (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Added support to query PHY (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Added HBA diagnostics support (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Added support for flash configuration (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Added support to obtain SFP info (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Added support for CEE info and stats query (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] bfa: Add IOCFC enable cbfn and stats changes (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: FCS bug fixes (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: DMA memory allocation enhancement (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Brocade-1860 Fabric Adapter vHBA support (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Brocade-1860 Fabric Adapter PLL init fixes (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] bfa: Added Fabric Assigned Address(FAA) support (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] bfa: IOC bug fixes (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Enable ASIC block configuration and query (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Update the driver version to (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Driver initialization and model description fix (Rob 
Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Enhancement for fcpim and IO tag handling (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: FC credit recovery and misc bug fixes (Rob Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: 1860 Adapter 16Gbs support and flash controller fixes (Rob 
Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: IOC and PLL init changes for Brocade-1860 Adapter (Rob 
Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: support vport disable and enable operations (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] bfa: Brocade-1860 Fabric Adapter Hardware Enablement (Rob 
Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Add pbc port disable check and fix LPS message name (Rob 
Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Introduce IOC event notification mechanism (Rob Evers) 
- [scsi] bfa: add generic address len pair for DMA memory chunk (Rob 
Evers) [714017]
- [scsi] bfa: Move debugfs initialization before bfa init (Rob Evers) 
- [net] cxgb4: driver update for RHEL5.8 (Neil Horman) [713905]
- [net] enic: update driver to version (Stefan Assmann) [713536]
- [edac] i7300_edac: Fix error cleanup logic (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) 
- [usb] input/hid: backport hidraw support (Aristeu Rozanski) [705453]
- [fs] eventpoll: fix epoll_wait overly constraining wait times (Jason 
Baron) [705138]
- [md] update superblocks properly when adding a spare (Doug Ledford) 
- [scsi] Fix out of spec CD-ROM problem with media change (Don Zickus) 
- [net] sctp: encode PROTOCOL VIOLATION error cause correctly (Thomas 
Graf) [636828]
- [xen] vmx: Print advanced features during boot (Paolo Bonzini) [712440]

- [scsi] mpt2sas: Bump version (Tomas Henzl) [717581]
- [scsi] mpt2sas: add missing mpt2sas_base_detach to scsih_remove (Tomas 
Henzl) [717581]
- [scsi] mpt2sas: fix WarpDrive Infinite command retries on bad cmd 
(Tomas Henzl) [717581]
- [scsi] mpt2sas: Adding support for customer specific branding (Tomas 
Henzl) [717581]
- [scsi] mpt2sas: set DID_NO_CONNECT on remove and avoid shutdown (Tomas 
Henzl) [717581]
- [scsi] mpt2sas: fix broadcast AEN and task management issue (Tomas 
Henzl) [717581]
- [scsi] mpt2sas: Set max_sector count from module parameter (Tomas 
Henzl) [717581]
- [scsi] mpt2sas: MPI next revision header update (Tomas Henzl) [717581]
- [scsi] mpt2sas: Fixed Big Endian Issues on 32 bit PPC (Tomas Henzl) 
- [scsi] mpt2sas: do not check serial_number in the abort handler (Tomas 
Henzl) [717581]
- [scsi] mpt2sas: remove flush_scheduled_work usages (Tomas Henzl) [717581]
- [net] ipv6: Do not assign non-valid address on interface (Jiri Benc) 
- [fs] cifs: always do is_path_accessible check in cifs_mount (Jeff 
Layton) [738300] {CVE-2011-3363}
- [fs] cifs: add fallback in is_path_accessible for old servers (Jeff 
Layton) [738300] {CVE-2011-3363}
- [md] raid1: don't retry recovery when the last drive fails (Doug 
Ledford) [736693]
- [input] evdev: disable interrupts when processing events (Don Zickus) 
- [char] tpm: Zero buffer after copying to userspace (Jiri Benc) 
[732631] {CVE-2011-1162}
- [md] bitmap: fix BUG triggered due to slow devices (Doug Ledford) [725358]
- [char] sysrq: Fix panic executing 'echo f > /proc/sysrq-trigger' 
(Larry Woodman) [718645]
- [scsi] isci: fix 32-bit operation when CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G=n (David 
Milburn) [713904]
- [scsi] isci: Remove reserved device IDS from isci_id_table (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix checkpatch errors (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Device reset should request sas_phy_reset(phy, true) 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: pare back error messsages (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: cleanup silicon revision detection (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: refactor scu_unsolicited_frame.h (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: merge sata.[ch] into request.c (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: kill 'get/set' macros (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: retire scic_sds_ and scic_ prefixes (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify isci_host and scic_sds_controller (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: unify isci_remote_device and scic_sds_remote_device 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify isci_port and scic_sds_port (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix scic_sds_remote_device_terminate_requests (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify isci_phy and scic_sds_phy (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify isci_request and scic_sds_request (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: rename / clean up scic_sds_stp_request (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: preallocate requests (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: combine request flags (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify can_queue tracking on the tci_pool (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: Terminate dev requests on FIS err bit rx in NCQ (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix frame received locking (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix buffer overflow in isci_parse_oem_parameters (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix isci_task_execute_tmf completion (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix support for arbitrarily large smp requests (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix dma_unmap_sg usage (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix smp response frame overrun (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: kill device_sequence (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: kill isci_remote_device_change_state() (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: atomic device lookup and reference counting (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix ssp response iu buffer size in isci_tmf (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: cleanup request allocation (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: cleanup/optimize queue increment macros (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: cleanup tag macros (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: cleanup/optimize pool implementation (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Disable link layer hang detection (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Hard reset failure link resets all phys in the port 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: decode remote node ready and suspended states (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix isci_terminate_pending() list management (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Handle timed-out request terminations correctly (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Requests that do not start must be set to complete (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Add decode for SMP request retry error condition (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: filter broadcast change notifications on phy resets 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Move reset delay after remote node resumption (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove 'min memory' infrastructure (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Added support for C0 to SCU Driver (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: additional state machine cleanup (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: state machine cleanup (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Removing unused variables compiler warnings (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: removing the kmalloc in smp request construct (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove isci_timer interface (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Remove tmf timeout_timer (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: convert phy_startup_timer to sci_timer (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: convert scic_timeout_timer to sci_timer (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: convert power control timer to sci_timer (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: convert phy sata_timeout_timer to sci_timer (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: convert port config agent timer to sci_timer (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: replace isci_timer list with proper embedded timers 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: add some type safety to the state machine interface 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify rnc start{io|task} handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify rnc destruct handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify rnc destruct handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify rnc event handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify port start_io and complete_io handlers (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify port link_up and link_down handlers (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: remove port frame and event handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify port reset, add_phy, and remove_phy handlers (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove port destruct handler (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify port stop handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove port start handler (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: merge port ready substates into main state machine (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: c99 port state handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: clarify phy to port lookups (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify phy consume_power handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify phy event handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify phy frame handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove phy destruct handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify phy reset handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify phy stop handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify phy start handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: merge phy substates (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove the completion and event state handlers (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove request task context completion state handler 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify request frame handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify request start handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify request abort handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: merge stp req substates into primary state machine (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: merge smp req substates into primary state machine (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: merge stp req substates into primary state machine (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: uplevel port infrastructure (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: uplevel phy infrastructure (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: uplevel request infrastructure (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: uplevel state machine (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: uplevel reg hw data structs and frame handling (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: move core/controller to host (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify constants (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify request data structures (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: make command/response iu explicit req object members 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: move task context alignment to compile time (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: make sgl explicit/aligned request object member (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: move stp request info to scic_sds_request (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: unify phy data structures (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify phy data structures (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: rnc state machine table c99 conversion (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: remove scic_sds_port_increment_request_count (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: kill scic_controller_get_port_handle function (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Removing unnecessary functions in request.c (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify isci_host data structures (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: implement I_T_nexus_reset (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix ata locking (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: removing intel_*.h headers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Using Linux SSP frame header (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Remove SCIC_SWAP_DWORD() (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fixup SAS iaf protocols data structure (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: remove redundant copies of IAF (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Converting smp_response to Linux native smp_resp (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Fixup of smp request (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Convert of sci_ssp_response_iu to ssp_response_iu (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Fixup SSP command IU and task IU (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: renaming sas_capabilities to scic_phy_cap (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: Collapsing of phy_type data structure (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: Convert SAS identify address frame to native format 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Convert ATA defines to Linux native defines (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Convert SATA fis data structures to Linux native (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove compile-time (Kconfig) silicon configuration 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Removing unused define SCIC_SDS_4_ENABLED (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: kill scic_sds_remote_device.state_handlers (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device frame_handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device event_handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: kill remote_device resume_handler (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device suspend_handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: kill remote_device complete_task_handler (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device start_task_handlers (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: kill remote_device continue_io_handler (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device complete_io_handlers (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device start_io_handlers (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device reset_complete_handlers (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device reset_handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device destruct_handlers (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: kill remote_device fail_handler (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device stop_handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device start_handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: fix remote_device start_io regressions (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: kill scic_remote_device_get_connection_rate (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: merge remote_device substates into one state machine 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Removed sci_object.h from project (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Removed sci_base_object from scic_sds_request (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: no sci_base_object in scic_sds_remote_node_context (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Removed sci_base_object from scic_sds_remote_device 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Removed sci_base_object from scic_sds_port (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Removed sci_base_object from scic_sds_phy (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: Removed sci_base_object from scic_sds_controller (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Removed struct sci_base_object from state machine (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Implement SCU AFE recipe 10. (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: Remove excessive log noise with expander hot-unplug 
(David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: removing non-working ATAPI code (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove scic_sds_remote_device_get_port_index (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove sci_sas_address in scic_sds_remote_device (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: kill smp_discover_response (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: kill smp_discover_response_protocols (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: cleanup remote device construction and comments (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: move remote_device handling out of the core (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: unify remote_device data structures (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove rnc->device back pointer (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: make remote_node_context member of remote_device (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: rely on irq core for intx muxing, silence screamer (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: give this_* and the_* vars more meaningful names (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: audit usage of BUG_ON macro in isci driver (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: sparse warnings cleanup (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: replace sci_sas_link_rate with sas_linkrate (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove base_phy abstraction (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove base_port abstraction (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove base_remote_device abstraction (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: remove scic_controller state handlers (David Milburn) 
- [scsi] isci: simplify dma coherent allocation (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: simplify request state handlers (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: kill dead data structurs in scic_io_request.h (David 
Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove base_request abstraction (David Milburn) [718341]
- [scsi] isci: remove base_controller abstraction (David Milburn) [718341]
- [misc] kernel: add BUILD_BUG_ON_NOT_POWER_OF_2 (David Milburn) [718341]
- [misc] jiffies: add time_is_after_jiffies (David Milburn) [718341]
- [net] igbvf: driver update for RHEL5.8 (Stefan Assmann) [714316]
- [net] igb: driver update for RHEL5.8 (Stefan Assmann) [714313]
- [net] qlge: Version change to v1.00.00.29 (Chad Dupuis) [714242]
- [net] qlge: Adding LICENSE file for qlge (Chad Dupuis) [714242]
- [net] qlge: Fix printk prio so fatal errors always reported (Chad 
Dupuis) [714242]
- [net] qlge: Fix crash caused by mailbox execution on wedged chip (Chad 
Dupuis) [714242]
- [net] qlge: make nic_operations struct const (Chad Dupuis) [714242]
- [net] qlge: Fix incorrect use of modparams and netdev msg level (Chad 
Dupuis) [714242]
- [net] qlge: Remove unnecessary casts of netdev_priv (Chad Dupuis) [714242]
- [net] qlge: Generate the coredump to ethtool user buffer (Chad Dupuis) 
- [net] qlcnic: Change CDRP function (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Added error logging for firmware abort (Chad Dupuis) 
- [net] qlcnic: add beacon test support (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: fix cdrp race condition (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Change debug messages in loopback path (Chad Dupuis) 
- [net] qlcnic: Add FLT entry for CO cards FW image region (Chad Dupuis) 
- [net] qlcnic: detect fan failure (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Add NETIF_F_VLAN_SG flag (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: fix ethtool link status (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Added debug info (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Move get template from probe to start fw (Chad Dupuis) 
- [net] qlcnic: Fix delay in reset path (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: FW dump related changes (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Fix env var for udev event during FW dump (Chad Dupuis) 
- [net] qlcnic: change capture mask for FW dump (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: define error code for loopback test (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: fix race in skb->len access (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: enable mac-learning in promiscous mode (Chad Dupuis) 
- [net] qlcnic: updated supported cards information (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: fix chip reset logic (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: add external loopback support through sysfs (Chad 
Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: multi protocol internal loopback support added (Chad 
Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Add support to enable/disable FW dump capability (Chad 
Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: fix default operating state of interface (Chad Dupuis) 
- [net] qlcnic: fix initial number of msix entries in adapter (Chad 
Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Add code to tune FW dump (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Remove holding api lock while taking the dump (Chad 
Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Add capability to take FW dump deterministically (Chad 
Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Added sysfs node support (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Remove casts of void * (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Avoid double free of skb in tx path (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Fix bug in FW queue dump (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Bumped up version number to 5.0.18 (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: FW dump support (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Support for GBE port settings (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: configure number of RSS rings using sysfs (Chad Dupuis) 
- [net] qlcnic: Update version number to 5.0.16 (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Fix LRO disable (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Use flt method to determine flash fw region (Chad 
Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Remove unused code (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Code optimization patch (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Cleanup patch (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Memory leak fix (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [net] qlcnic: Make PCI info available in all modes (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [misc] Add rounddown_pow_of_two routine to log2.h (Chad Dupuis) [714232]
- [pci] add latency tolerance reporting enable/disable support (Myron 
Stowe) [714171]
- [pci] Assign values to pci_obff_signal_type enumeration (Myron Stowe) 
- [pci] add OBFF enable/disable support (Myron Stowe) [714171]
- [pci] add ID-based ordering enable/disable support (Myron Stowe) [714171]
- [pci] introduce pci_is_pcie (Myron Stowe) [714171]
- [pci] introduce pci_pcie_cap (Myron Stowe) [714171]
- [sound] hda: ALSA Panther Point Audio Support (Jaroslav Kysela) [713663]
- [sound] hda: Enable snoop bit for AMD controllers (Jaroslav Kysela) 
- [fs] hfs: fix hfs_find_init() sb->ext_tree NULL ptr oops (Phillip 
Lougher) [712776]
- [fs] nfs: return error in callback if encode/decode fails (Dave 
Wysochanski) [709515]
- [net] tcp: Shrink syncookie_secret by 8 bytes (Thomas Graf) [705484]
- [scsi] device_handler: Attach to UNAVAILABLE/OFFLINE AAS devices (Mike 
Christie) [700082]
- [net] cxgb3: Apply interrupt coalescing settings to all queues (Neil 
Horman) [694583]
- [mm] page-writeback: fix calculation of oldest_jif in wb_kupdate 
(Jarod Wilson) [691087]
- [block] nbd: add a user-settable timeout for I/O (Jeff Moyer) [676491]
- [net] ipv6: ignore looped-back NA while dad is running (Thomas Graf) 
- [net] sctp: Set correct error cause value for missing parameters 
(Thomas Graf) [629938]
- [net] Prevent pktgen from sending shared skbs (Neil Horman) [575938]
- [md] raid10: fix far resync data corruptor (Doug Ledford) [468379]
- [xen] x86: Clear IRQ_GUEST when setting action to NULL (Igor Mammedov) 
- [xen] x86: check for NULL desc->action when unbinding guest pirq (Igor 
Mammedov) [713221]
- [xen] x86: fix msi_free_irq (Igor Mammedov) [713221]
- [xen] x86: teardown_msi_irq is not needed (Igor Mammedov) [713221]
- [xen] x86: irq removal rewrite (Igor Mammedov) [713221]
- [xen] x86: Move interrupt vector management to irq.c (Igor Mammedov) 

- [parport] Enable StarTech PEX1P Parallel Port (Prarit Bhargava) [739758]
- [crypto] padlock: Fix spurious ECB page fault (Milan Broz) [739468]
- [fs] gfs2: speed up large file delete/unlink (Robert S Peterson) [738440]
- [virt] xen: don't hardcode is_running_on_xen for PV-on-HVM (Laszlo 
Ersek) [734708]
- [s390] kernel: remove code to handle topology interrupts (Hendrik 
Brueckner) [732736]
- [net] cxgb3: Fix NULL pointer dereference in t3_l2t_get (Neil Horman) 
- [misc] kernel: plug taskstats io infoleak (Jerome Marchand) [716846] 
- [x86_64] io_apic: only scan the root bus in early PCI quirks (Dave 
Maley) [716552]
- [net] bnx2: Update to latest upstream version 2.1.11 (Neil Horman) 
- [usb] Make device reset stop retrying after disconnect (Don Zickus) 
- [acpi] Call _PDC before retrieving CPU information (Matthew Garrett) 
- [net] tg3: Fix io failures after chip reset (John Feeney) [702346 731098]
- [net] ipv6: properly use ICMP6MSGOUT_INC_STATS in ndisc_send_skb (Jiri 
Pirko) [698728]
- [net] sctp: Mark tsn as received after all allocations finish (Max 
Matveev) [696430]
- [scsi] Reduce error recovery time by reducing use of TURs (Mike 
Christie) [694625]
- [scsi] don't fail scans when host is in recovery (Rob Evers) [657345]
- [video] radeonfb: block use of low refresh 800x600-43 on pseries (Dave 
Airlie) [638576]

- [net] benet: Add missing comma between constant string array (Ivan 
Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: create/destroy rx-queues on interface open/close (Ivan 
Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: fix initialization of vlan_prio_bmap (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: Remove casts of void pointers (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: Fix Rx pause counter for lancer (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: use older opcode if MCC_CREATE_EXT not supported (Ivan 
Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: fix set but unused var in lancer_fw_download (Ivan 
Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: Enable SR-IOV for Lancer hardware (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: FW download for Lancer hardware (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: implement stats for Lancer hardware (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: Support for version 1 of stats for BE3 (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] be2net: fix mbox polling for signal reception (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: handle signal reception while waiting for POST (Ivan 
Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: Fix to prevent flooding of TX queue (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: In case of UE, do not dump registers for Lancer (Ivan 
Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: Disable coalesce water mark mode of CQ for Lancer (Ivan 
Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: Handle error completion in Lancer (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: fix bugs related to PVID (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: fix wrb reuse and misc bugs in be_cmd_get_regs (Ivan 
Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: pass domain id to be_cmd_link_status_query (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] be2net: fix be_mcc_compl_process to id eth_get_stat command 
(Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: display nic speeds other than 1Gbps/10Gbps (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] be2net: allow register dump only for PFs (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: Fix unused-but-set variables (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: Use netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: call FLR after setup wol in be_shutdown (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] be2net: dynamically allocate adapter->vf_cfg (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: fix to get max VFs supported from adapter (Ivan Vecera) 
- [net] be2net: use common method to check for sriov function type (Ivan 
Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: Fix a potential crash during shutdown (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: remove one useless line (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: cancel be_worker on shutdown even when i/f is down (Ivan 
Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: remove redundant code in be_worker (Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: parse vid/vtm rx-compl fields only if vlanf bit set 
(Ivan Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: refactor code that decides adapter->num_rx_queues (Ivan 
Vecera) [714291]
- [net] be2net: add ethtool FAT dump retrieval support (Ivan Vecera) 
- [mm] s390: fix first time swap use results in heavy swapping (Hendrik 
Brueckner) [722482]
- [mm] fix rotate_reclaimable_page deadlock and clean up (Jerome 
Marchand) [699549]

- [ata] ahci: Add missing Panther Point SATA RAID DeviceID (Prarit 
Bhargava) [735369]
- [scsi] megaraid: remove obsolete megaraid_sas.c (Tomas Henzl) [735120]
- [net] Compute protocol seq numbers and fragment IDs using MD5 (Jiri 
Pirko) [732663]
- [crypto] Move md5_transform to lib/md5.c (Jiri Pirko) [732663]
- [s390] kernel: fix NSS creation with initrd (Hendrik Brueckner) [730779]
- [virt] xen: fix GFP mask handling in dma_alloc_coherent (Laszlo Ersek) 
- [fs] nfs: Fix client not honoring nosharecache mount option (David 
Jeffery) [730097]
- [pci] check pm support before looking at individual power states 
(Stefan Assmann) [716834]
- [mm] avoid wrapping vm_pgoff in mremap and stack expansion (Jerome 
Marchand) [716544] {CVE-2011-2496}
- [md] bitmap: protect against bitmap removal while being updated 
(Stanislaw Gruszka) [711536]
- [scsi] scsi_dh_rdac: link HBA and storage to support partitions (Mike 
Snitzer) [710014]
- [scsi] scsi_dh_rdac: use WWID from C8 page to identify storage (Mike 
Snitzer) [710014]
- [x86] nmi: make NMI_NONE default watchdog in x86_64 hvm guests (Laszlo 
Ersek) [707966]
- [mm] Fix incorrect off-by-one centisec dirty values (Larry Woodman) 
- [net] bnx2x: fix bringup of BCM57710 (Michal Schmidt) [680411]
- [fs] ext{2,3}: fix file date underflow on fs on 64 bit systems (Eric 
Sandeen) [655174]
- [xen] fix nodes' memory parsing with future-hotplug memory range 
(Laszlo Ersek) [543064]

- [net] be2net: request native mode each time the card is reset (Ivan 
Vecera) [720501]
- [net] be2net: fix the ethtool op to set Tx CSUM (Ivan Vecera) [718187]
- [net] be2net: remove bogus unlikely on vlan check (Ivan Vecera) [730239]
- [net] be2net: non-member vlan pkts not received in promisc mode (Ivan 
Vecera) [730239]
- [net] be2net: Use NTWK_RX_FILTER command for promiscous mode (Ivan 
Vecera) [730239]
- [net] be2net: fix crash receiving non-member VLAN packets (Ivan 
Vecera) [730239]
- [virt] xen/netfront: no disable s/g when renegotiating features (Paolo 
Bonzini) [733416]
- [fs] ecryptfs: Add mount option to check uid of mounting device (Eric 
Sandeen) [731174] {CVE-2011-1833}
- [s390] kernel: fix system hang if hangcheck timer expires (Hendrik 
Brueckner) [730313]
- [s390] qeth: fix wrong number of output queues for HiperSockets 
(Hendrik Brueckner) [730319]
- [scsi] qla2xxx: Re-add checks for null fcport references (Chad Dupuis) 
- [fs] aio: fix aio+dio completion path regression w/3rd-party bits 
(Jeff Moyer) [727504]
- [net] ipv6: make fragment identifications less predictable (Jiri 
Pirko) [723431]
- [net] ipv6: Remove unused skb argument of ipv6_select_ident (Jiri 
Pirko) [723431]
- [s390] dasd: fix bug in dasd initialization cleanup (Hendrik 
Brueckner) [723491]
- [virt] xen: attach host CD-ROM to PV guest as vbd (Laszlo Ersek) [717434]
- [misc] taskstats: don't allow duplicate entries in listener mode 
(Jerome Marchand) [715450] {CVE-2011-2484}
- [scsi] ipr: bump the version number (Steve Best) [714258]
- [scsi] ipr: remove unneeded volatile declarations (Steve Best) [714258]
- [scsi] ipr: fix synchronous request flags for better performance 
(Steve Best) [714258]
- [scsi] ipr: fix buffer overflow (Steve Best) [714258]
- [s390] qdio: reset error states immediately (Hendrik Brueckner) [709712]
- [usb] fix interface sysfs file-creation bug (Don Zickus) [637930]
- [usb] don't touch sysfs stuff when altsetting is unchanged (Don 
Zickus) [637930]
- [base] Fix potential deadlock in driver core (Don Zickus) [637930]
- [virt] xen: more informative messages after resize (Laszlo Ersek) [618317]
- [virt] xen: support online dynamic resize of guest virtual disks 
(Laszlo Ersek) [618317]
- [virt] xen: Move definition of struct backend_info to common spot 
(Laszlo Ersek) [618317]
- [net] bonding: fix panic if initialization fails (Andy Gospodarek) 
- [net] gro: Only reset frag0 when skb can be pulled (Herbert Xu) 
[679682] {CVE-2011-2723}
- [net] sctp: fix memory reclaim and panic in sctp_sock_rfree (Thomas 
Graf) [714870] {CVE-2011-2482}
- [xen] lower BOOT_TRAMPOLINE, sync early stack & trampoline_gdt (Laszlo 
Ersek) [716788]
- [xen] x86_64: bump default NR_CPUS to 256 and trim debug log spam 
(Laszlo Ersek) [714053]
- [xen] passthrough: block VT-d MSI trap injection (Paolo Bonzini) [716302]
- [xen] hvm/svm: fix task switch (Paolo Bonzini) [720936]
- [xen] hvm: exclude VMX_PROCBASED_CTL2 from MSRs guest can access 
(Paolo Bonzini) [732752]
- [xen] iommu: disable bus-mastering on hw that causes IOMMU fault 
(Laszlo Ersek) [730343] {CVE-2011-3131}
- [xen] x86_emulate: Fix SAHF emulation (Igor Mammedov) [718884] 
- [xen] fix off-by-one shift in x86_64 __addr_ok (Laszlo Ersek) [719850] 

- [fs] nfsd: don't allow fl_break callback to sleep (Jeff Layton) [721200]
- [fs] locks: move lease lock alloc earlier in generic_setlease (Jeff 
Layton) [721200]
- [fs] locks: when unlocking lease, skip locking-related steps (Jeff 
Layton) [721200]
- [fs] locks: fix a lease return-value mixup (Jeff Layton) [721200]
- [fs] locks: Fix potential OOPS in generic_setlease (Jeff Layton) [721200]
- [usb] auerswald: fix buffer overflow (Don Zickus) [722396] {CVE-2009-4067}
- [fs] cifs: fix possible memory corruption in CIFSFindNext (Jeff 
Layton) [732471]
- [fs] cifs: revert special handling for matching krb5 sessions (Jeff 
Layton) [697396]
- [fs] cifs: check for NULL session password (Jeff Layton) [697396]
- [fs] cifs: fix NULL pointer dereference in cifs_find_smb_ses (Jeff 
Layton) [697396]
- [fs] cifs: clean up cifs_find_smb_ses (Jeff Layton) [697396]
- [net] be2net: account for skb allocation failures (Ivan Vecera) [730108]
- [fs] mbcache: Limit the maximum number of cache entries (Eric Sandeen) 
- [net] bnx2x: downgrade Max BW error message to debug (Michal Schmidt) 
- [net] sock: do not change prot->obj_size (Jiri Pirko) [725713]
- [net] be2net: Fix Tx stall issue (Ivan Vecera) [722549]
- [net] be2net: rx-dropped wraparound fix (Ivan Vecera) [722302]
- [net] be2net: fix netdev_stats_update (Ivan Vecera) [722302]
- [net] bonding: make 802.3ad use latest lacp_rate (Jiri Pirko) [718641]
- [net] bonding: Rename rx_machine_lock to state_machine_lock (Jiri 
Pirko) [718641]
- [net] bonding: Fix 802.3ad state machine locking (Jiri Pirko) [718641]
- [net] bonding: add missing xmit_hash_policy=layer2+3 info (Weiping 
Pan) [717850]
- [powerpc] eeh: Display eeh error location for bus and device (Steve 
Best) [712418]
- [powerpc] eeh: Handle functional reset on non-PCIe device (Steve Best) 
- [powerpc] eeh: Propagate needs_freset flag to device at PE (Steve 
Best) [712418]
- [powerpc] eeh: Add support for ibm, configure-pe RTAS call (Steve 
Best) [712418]
- [fs] cifs: don't allow cifs_reconnect exit w/NULL socket pointer (Jeff 
Layton) [704921]
- [fs] cifs: clarify the meaning of tcpStatus == CifsGood (Jeff Layton) 
- [fs] cifs: split posix open/mkdir from legacy mkdir in stats (Jeff 
Layton) [706339]
- [virt] xen: plug leaks in netfront::setup_device (Laszlo Ersek) [703150]
- [virt] xen: ensure dynamic IRQ allocation success (Laszlo Ersek) [703150]
- [net] vlan: correct pkt_type if it matches changed mac (Weiping Pan) 
- [virt] xen: Allow arbitrary mtu size until frontend connected (Paolo 
Bonzini) [697021]
- [fs] proc: Fix procfs race vs rmmod or hot-remove (David Howells) [675781]
- [virt] xen: empty stale MSI-X vector set when resetting device (Laszlo 
Ersek) [688673]
- [virt] xen: msi cleanup after destroyed domain (Laszlo Ersek) [688673]
- [xen] unsigned int corrections (Laszlo Ersek) [648596]

- Fix infrastructure error that led to recent xen patches not applying

- Bump NVR due to buildsystem problems during prior build

- Revert: [virt] xen/netback: Remove auto/premature netif queue (Jarod 
Wilson) [714283]

- [char] tpm: Fix uninitialized usage of data buffer (Stanislaw Gruszka) 
[684673] {CVE-2011-1160}
- [serial] 8250: Fix capabilities when changing the port type (Steve 
Best) [707051]
- [serial] 8250_pci: EEH support for IBM/Digi PCIe 2-port Adapter (Steve 
Best) [707051]
- [serial] 8250_pci: add support for Digi/IBM PCIe 2-port Adapter (Steve 
Best) [707051]
- [misc] hypervisor: fix race in interrupt hook code (Prarit Bhargava) 
- [sound] alsa: enable snoop for Intel Cougar Point in hda_intel (Prarit 
Bhargava) [699451]
- [char] watchdog: TCO Watchdog support for Intel Panther Point PCH 
(Prarit Bhargava) [699451]
- [i2c] i2c-i801: SMBus support for Intel Panther Point DeviceIDs 
(Prarit Bhargava) [699451]
- [ata] ahci: AHCI mode for Intel Panther Point Device IDs (Prarit 
Bhargava) [699451]
- [ata] ata_piix: IDE mode for Intel Panther Point Device IDs (Prarit 
Bhargava) [699451]
- [misc] irq and pci_ids for Intel DH89xxCC DeviceIDs (Prarit Bhargava) 
- [misc] Identify IBM x3850 as multi-chassis (Prarit Bhargava) [700886]
- [net] cnic, bnx2: Check iSCSI support early in bnx2_init_one (Neil 
Horman) [710272]
- [virt] xen/netback: Remove auto/premature netif queue restart (Laszlo 
Ersek) [714283]
- [fs] ext4: Fix max size and logical block counting of extent file 
(Lukas Czerner) [722563] {CVE-2011-2695}
- [fs] nfs: don't use d_move in nfs_async_rename_done (Jeff Layton) [729446]
- [fs] nfs: have nfs_flush_list issue FLUSH_SYNC writes in parallel 
(Jeff Layton) [728508]
- [s390] crypto: fix prng error in initial seed calculation (Hendrik 
Brueckner) [709711]
- [fs] nfsd: fix auto-sizing of nfsd request/reply buffers (J. Bruce 
Fields) [691927]
- [fs] nfsd: Allow max size of NFSd payload to be configured (J. Bruce 
Fields) [691927]
- [fs] nfsd: Prep knfsd to support rsize/wsize of 1MB, over TCP (J. 
Bruce Fields) [691927]
- [misc] svcrpc: prepare svc_rqst for kabi-safe modification (J. Bruce 
Fields) [691927]
- [xen] amd-iommu: Fix an interrupt remapping issue (Frank Arnold) [717976]
- [xen] hvm: Fix possible guest tick losing after save/restore (Paolo 
Bonzini) [674663]
- [xen] mm: fix race with ept_entry management (Andrew Jones) [729529]

- [scsi] ipr: increase the dump size for 64 bit adapters (Steve Best) 
- [scsi] ipr: fix possible false positive detected stuck interrupt 
(Steve Best) [710324]
- [scsi] ipr: improve interrupt service routine performance (Steve Best) 
- [scsi] ipr: add definitions for a new adapter (Steve Best) [710324]
- [scsi] ipr: fix array error logging (Steve Best) [710324]
- [net] igb: fix WOL on 2nd port on i350 (Stefan Assmann) [718988]
- [misc] irq: fix interrupt handling for kdump under high load (Stefan 
Assmann) [720212]
- [fs] xfs: fix overflow in xfs_growfs_data_private (Eric Sandeen) [652494]
- [fs] ext4: Don't error out fs if user tries to make file too big (Eric 
Sandeen) [715501]
- [x86_64] vdso: Fix possible sign extension/overflow (Prarit Bhargava) 
- [x86_64] Revert ACPI APIC mode test (Prarit Bhargava) [721361]
- [net] ipv6: configure bond slaves to allow NA frames on failover (Neil 
Horman) [694435]
- [virt] xen: plug evtchn leak in PV-on-HVM device detach (Laszlo Ersek) 
- [virt] xen/netback: wait for hotplug complete before Connected (Laszlo 
Ersek) [720347]
- [virt] xen: Partially revert the netback side of 14bee682 (Laszlo 
Ersek) [720347]
- [fs] ext4: Allow indirect-block file to grow to max file size (Lukas 
Czerner) [715493]
- [fs] nfs: Fix nfs_compat_user_ino64 with high bits set in fileid (Jeff 
Layton) [664829]
- [fs] nfs: Open O_CREAT fails existing files on non writable dirs (J. 
Bruce Fields) [683372]
- [xen] vmx: Accelerate VLAPIC EOI writes (Paolo Bonzini) [720986]
- [xen] x86/hvm: fix off-by-one errors in vcpuid range checks (Paolo 
Bonzini) [712441]
- [xen] x86: extend debug key t to collect useful clock skew info (Paolo 
Bonzini) [712439]
- [xen] svm: Reported SS.DPL must equal CPL, as assumed by HVM (Paolo 
Bonzini) [605617]
- [xen] hvm: support more opcodes for MMIO (Paolo Bonzini) [723755]
- [xen] x86: Disable writeback if BSF/BSR are passed zero input (Igor 
Mammedov) [713702]
- [xen] x86: BT instruction does not write to its dest operand (Igor 
Mammedov) [713702]
- [xen] x86: INS/OUTS need Mov attribute to force writeback (Igor 
Mammedov) [713702]
- [xen] x86: Fix IMUL r/m8 emulation (Igor Mammedov) [713702]
- [xen] x86: Fix MUL emulation (Igor Mammedov) [713702]
- [xen] x86: fix side-effect macro call (Igor Mammedov) [713702]
- [xen] x86: Fix CLTS emulation (Igor Mammedov) [713702]
- [xen] x86: Near JMP (Grp5 /3) shouldn't write back to its operand 
(Igor Mammedov) [713702]
- [xen] x86: Certain opcodes are only valid with a memory operand (Igor 
Mammedov) [713702]
- [xen] x86: Correct RIP-relative addr offset w/immediate byte op (Igor 
Mammedov) [713702]

- [net] sctp: reset packet information after packet transmit (Thomas 
Graf) [725573]
- [fs] block: initialise bd_super in bdget (Lachlan McIlroy) [707425]
- [fs] nfs: Remove bogus call to nfs4_drop_state_owner (Jeff Layton) 
- [net] be2net: hash key for rss-config cmd not set (Ivan Vecera) [714244]
- [net] be2net: enable SG, CSO and TSO with VLAN offloading (Ivan 
Vecera) [714272]
- [net] be2net: clear interrupt bit in be_probe (Ivan Vecera) [713703]
- [net] be2net: remove certain cmd failure logging (Ivan Vecera) [716821]

- [wireless] nl80211: check for valid SSID size in scan operation 
(Stanislaw Gruszka) [718155] {CVE-2011-2517}
- [fs] xfs: handle NULL mount struct in error reports (Eric Sandeen) 
- [fs] proc: restrict access to /proc/PID/io (Oleg Nesterov) [716828] 
- [fs] lockd: don't use file's credentials on RPCSEC_GSS mounts (Max 
Matveev) [701574]
- [fs] xfs: add a missing mutex_unlock to a dio error path (Jeff Moyer) 
- [net] sunrpc: Don't hang forever on NLM unlock requests (Jeff Layton) 
[709547] {CVE-2011-2491}
- [fs] gfs2: force a log flush when invalidating the rindex glock 
(Benjamin Marzinski) [713229]
- [x86] io_apic: Convert tick to interrupt when checking timer irq (Amos 
Kong) [698842]
- [x86] io_apic: Make kernel option 'no_timer_check' always work (Amos 
Kong) [698842]
- [x86] io_apic: Compare jiffies with other values by time_after (Amos 
Kong) [698842]
- [xen] Fix x86_emulate handling of imul with immediate operands (Igor 
Mammedov) [700565]

- [fs] Fix wrongly vfree'ing a kmalloc'ed area (Larry Woodman) [719495]
- [fs] dlm: bump default hash table and maximum allocatable sizes (Bryn 
M. Reeves) [715603]
- [net] tipc: Overhaul of socket locking logic (Max Matveev) [704192]

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