[El-errata] ELBA-2008-2010 Enterprise Linux 4 oracleasm-support bug fix update

Errata Announcements for Enterprise Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Wed Nov 5 20:48:25 PST 2008

Enterprise Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2008-2010

The following updated rpms for Enterprise Linux 4 have been uploaded to 
the Unbreakable Linux Network:





Description of Changes:


- There is a new '/usr/sbin/oracleasm' command that provides a much more
  flexible interface to the oracleasm support software.  oracleasm
  operations are subcommands for the 'oracleasm' program.  The
  /etc/init.d/oracleasm script now uses the 'oracleasm' program as well.
  All new features are accessed by using the new 'oracleasm' command.

- There is a new 'oracleasm update-driver' command that will try to
  download the latest Oracle ASMLib driver for a given kernel.  It can
  update multiple kernel versions at once.  If no version is specified,
  it will update the currently running kernel.  This supports drivers
  available via the Unbreakable Linux Network and on the Oracle
  Technology Network.

- The 'oracleasm querydisk' command adds the '-d' and '-p'
  options.  The '-d' option will display the device number of the
  queried disk.  The '-p' option will attempt to locate matching device
  paths if the blkid(8) tool is installed.

- The 'oracleasm deletedisk' command can delete a disk by device as well
  as by name.

- The 'oracleasm scandisks' command adds the '-s' option.  This option
  prevents a scan from re-reading the partition table of a device.  It
  is safer when scanning running disks, though it will not pick up
  partitioning changes.

- The 'oracleasm scandisks' command can now be given a list of disks
  to scan.  The administrator can use this to only scan specific disks,
  such as newly added ones.

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