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Wed Jun 12 16:11:01 PDT 2013

*/Oracle NoSQL Database Contest Announced/*

****As many of you know, the Oracle NoSQL Database was advanced into the 
pole position of the NoSQL landscape thru its underlying use of 
BerkeleyDB as its core storage engine.  Oracle's NoSQL Database is an 
advanced cluster management, load balancing, parallelization and 
replication layer that turns BerkeleyDB into a superior scale-out 
solution.   An Oracle partner has now launched a contest to highlight 
some of the coolest applications built on the solution.

*Contest - Show off your NoSQL, win an iPad!!*

A partner of ours, OpalSoft Inc, is running a contest to select the 
Coolest “Oracle NoSQL Database Application".  It is simple to enter the 
contest, just go to http://www.nosqlcontest.com/ and submit information 
about an application you've built on the Oracle NoSQL Database.  If you 
haven't built one already, you still have time, so go ahead and download 
create an application or integrate with some cool open source project 
then submit your entry.  You have until July, 8th 2013 to complete your 
submission. The chosen winner will receive a new iPad with one of those 
retina displays, perfect for hanging out by the pool this summer! For 
complete details, visit the contest website <http://www.nosqlcontest.com/>.

-The NoSQL Database product management team, Oracle

Robert Greene
Product Management
Oracle NoSQL Database
Office: 650-506-5260
Cell: 925-577-4634
robert.c.greene at oracle.com

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