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OCFS2 Development Wiki Page

Testing Project

There is an ocfs2 test suite at http://oss.oracle.com/projects/ocfs2-test/

Here is a list of tests that we have now:


If you wonder where the results of the 1.4 and 1.6 tests are, you can look at them here:


Starting with 2.6.23, we will be publishing ocfs2 test coverage.


For more details:

ocfs2-test CookBook - Understanding, Building, Installing and Running

Things are pretty basic right now. Please consider contributing tests.

Here are also some benchmarks:



Interested hackers are encouraged to take an active role in OCFS2 development. This section is where we'll keep lists of features, cleanups, etc that need to be done on OCFS2 FS and its Tools. If you feel like contributing by taking on one of these, please coordinate via the development mailing list. We can also record the 'owner' of any given task here.

When a task is complete, please move it to the bottom of the list it belongs too and indicate which kernel/tools version it will first appear in.

OCFS2 FS and Tools patches can be tracked, developed and submitted via the guidelines at the FS sources page and Tools sources page.

Before starting to code, please familiarize yourself with the OCFS2 Coding Style.

In particular, be sure you read and fully understand the instructions in Andrew Morton's The Perfect Patch

It is not acceptable to ignore any of the guidelines in The Perfect Patch, no matter how much of a pain you might think it is.

Please remember that the task lists can change, and they certainly aren't exhaustive. If you have an idea for a patch which isn't covered here, please feel free to develop it!

Smaller tasks


This list includes cleanups, performance enhancements, and minor features.

Larger tasks


This list covers major features, rewrites, etc.

Tools tasks


This list includes all tasks pending for Tools.

Test tasks


This list includes tasks pending for the test suites.

Design Docs

Freeze / Thaw Support

Detect Stale Reads in mounted.ocfs2

Cluster Verification Utility

offline de-fragmentation tool

Better Inode Allocation

Add Slots Online

Indexed Directories

Discontiguous Block Groups

New O2CB Configuration Tool

New Global Heartbeat

Static File

Design Docs (Completed or Old)

Reference Counted Links (REFLINK)

Error Detection and Correction

Offline Resize

Online Resize

Sparse Tree Updates

Extended Attributes

Read only Support

Unlink / Rename Strategy (AKA, "Dentry vote removal")

Backup Superblock

Atime Support

Local FS Mount

Data in Inode blocks

Orphan Inode Tracking and Removal

Remove Slots Support of tunefs.ocfs2

Global Heartbeat **DEPRECATED **

Extend Inode Alloc Script

Support for Unwritten Extents and Punching Holes

o2image - A utility to backup/restore OCFS2 metadata structures

New Slot Map Format

Using a Userspace Cluster Stack

Stealing Inode from Other Slots

Rename Disk Heartbeat Timeout Parameter

Other Links

* LinuxFS Wiki

* Oracle FAQ Wiki

* Wireshark dissector for OCFS2

* OCFS2 Development Roadmap

* HOWTO Code Coverage

* * Files that need GPL License.

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