Download mseries

Mseries extracts email threads or folders into quilt/mq patch series. By default the patches are listed in a file called patches/series and patch files are saved into a patches directory.

Example usage (see mseries --help for more options):

mseries '< your long msg id here >'

mseries -f =linux-kernel '< your long msgid here >'

mseries -f linux-kernel '< your long msgid here >'

mseries some_folder

Each thread is annotated with a comment line in the series file. If the thread starts with a 0 of N patch, the subject from that patch is used in the comment line.

mseries -o some_folder

mseries -f -

mseries understands Maildir, mbox and emlx folders. Apparently emlx can be produced by some OSX email client. mseries -e selects the emlx format.