Oracle Open Source

TopLink Essentials JPA

TopLink Essentials is the open-source community edition of Oracle's TopLink object/relational mapping (ORM) tool. It provides the Java Persistence API (JPA) functionality—for creating, removing and querying across lightweight Java objects—for the EJB 3.0 Reference Implementation.

TopLink Essentials is freely licensed and distributed under CDDL and ships with Spring Framework 2.0. The OSI-approved CDDL license is being used for project GlassFish which allows developers to view, use, edit, and alter the code, and distribute it or use it in production. For more information on the CDDL licensing using in GlassFish, please refer to the GlassFish FAQ.

Key Resources

Eclipse Dali Project

JPA support in Eclipse is provided by the Oracle-led Dali Project. (Oracle JDeveloper also supports developing with JPA.) Dali focuses on the creation and editing of Entities for application-  and container-managed deployments (in conjunction with the Web Tools Platform).