Project: Yast

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Project Description: Yast resources
License: GPL

Yet Another Setup Tool. Yast helps make system administration easier by providing a single utility for configuring and maintaining Linux systems. The version of Yast available here is modified to work with all Enterprise Linux distributions including Enterprise Linux and SuSE.

Special note to Oracle Management Pack for Linux users:

Special note to the users that have installed Yast before July 5th 2007:

The startup and kill order of Linux service would be changed at the process install and uninstall Yast. It is identified and verified in an unpublished bug #6168380. Please follow the following steps to update it:

  • run ./uninstall to remove Yast
  • Manually modify the related files in /etc/rc?.d/ that have been changed by Yast. for example,
    #/sbin/chkconfig --del nfslock
    #/sbin/chkconfig --add nfslock
    to return the nfslock to the normal startup and kill order
If you can't make sure if the Linux service startup and kill order has been changed by Yast before. you can check the startup sequential order of nfslock at /etc/rc.d. The order is descripted at /etc/init.d/nfslock. It is usually 14 at EL4/RHEL4U4.