Project: PHP RPMs

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Project Description: A set of PHP 5.5.10 RPM packages built for Oracle Linux 6.5
License: The PHP License, version 3.01


This project supplies PHP RPM packages built for Oracle Linux 6 on x86_64. Oracle Linux is freely available from or via the Unbreakable Linux Network. The PHP packages will also install on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

PHP was built with DTrace enabled. On Oracle Linux, PHP's DTrace Dynamic Tracing features can be used.

The PHP 5.5.10 command line, CGI interface, PHP-FPM interface, Emebeded SAPI and an Apache module are available. Various standard extensions are included, as well as the OCI8 2.0.8 extension for Oracle Database access. The experimental PDO_OCI driver for the PDO extension is not included.

All the packages are provided for installation convenience and are NOT supported. If support is needed, use Zend Server.


The OCI8 package in this project is built using Oracle Instant Client 12cR1, which allows access to a local or remote Oracle Database 10gR2, 11g, or 12cR1. Instant Client is available for free from OTN.


Installation instructions including how to install Oracle Instant Client are on the documentation page.


PHP documentation is available from Various PHP and Oracle books are available from your favorite bookseller. Oracle has a free PDF book Underground PHP and Oracle Manual available for download.