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2011.04.27: OLT 2.3.0-2


OLT version 2.3.0-2 is released. Change Log for 2.3.0-2 is posted below.



Detailed Change log:


I) Common Changes across tools Added support for Added support for OL5.6 templates Added support for OL5.6 and OL6 Cleanup deprecated "nointr" nfs mount option from OLT docs for UEK


II) Change log in each tool


a) olt-schedule: Framework changes to support Added support to olt-iso-copy Syslog info collection for sysctl, ulimit and multipath info. Syslog sar command support for OL6 Removed deprecated "nointr" mount option check for UEK b) customtests: Added support for OL5.6 templates Added fix in bughugepages for OL5.6 and OL6 Added fix in bugtest lockbug for OL6 c) attach: Mempressure module support for OL6 d) rac-install: Added support e) si-install: Added support f) oltdbt2: Reboot-less node fencing support for in HA testcase. Fix to mask memory leak error for and auto destrutive test fix for 11gR2 g) oltdbt3: Fix for tput-dss grep issue h) dbt2 kit created patch to support