Project Source Control: OCFS2

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Active development on OCFS2 happens in the mainline kernel.

Interested hackers can track OCFS2 specific patches via the ocfs2.git repository. Instructions on how to use git, as well as a list of other hosted git repositories can be found at

There is now an OCFS2 Development Wiki available. This is where we'll track development tasks and store design documents.

ocfs2.git is structured as a git repository whose master branch follows Linus' kernel tree, aka linux-2.6.git People developing patches for OCFS2 should usually do this against linux-2.6.git - ocfs2.git is only used as a repository of currently out of tree patches. For each series of related changes, ocfs2.git will have a 'topic branch' whose trunk is the "master" branch. There is a special branch called "ALL" which is a merge of the patches in each topic branch.

For people who want an easy way to track mainline OCFS2 development, Andrew Morton usually packages a snapshot of the ALL branch from ocfs2.git in the -mm kernel series.

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The OCFS2 1.2 source tree can be accessed via subversion at

The OCFS2 1.4 source tree is maintained in ocfs2-1.4.git repository.