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2010.04.19: OCFS2 1.4.7-1


OCFS2 1.4.7-1 for (RH)EL5 is released.


COMPATIBILITY * Fully compatible with earlier releases of OCFS2 1.4. Rolling upgrade is allowed. * On-disk compatible with OCFS2 1.2.x. Users can mount the volumes formatted with 1.2 as-is. However no rolling upgrade as 1.2 and 1.4 are not network compatible.


RECOMMENDATION Users should add the "noatime" mount option to the mounts that hold the Oracle datafiles, redologs, archivelogs, voting file, etc. This is because OCFS2 1.4 supports atime (access time) which makes it update the inode even on a read. Like ls -l. As tracking atime is not useful for the database, users are advised to disable it for such mounts.


NEW FEATURE The fence method is now configurable. Users can toggle from the default of "reset" to "panic" at anytime.


To view the current fence method, do: # cat /sys/kernel/config/cluster/CLUSTER/fence_method reset


To change to panic, do: # echo panic > /sys/kernel/config/CLUSTER/cacl10/fence_method # cat /sys/kernel/config/cluster/CLUSTER/fence_method panic




ossbz#970 Unfair postponement of local lock requests (Livelock) ossbz#1175 BUG in dlm_free_dead_locks() (Oops during dlm recovery) ossbz#1178 BUG in ocfs2_prepare_downconvert() (Oops during downconvert) ossbz#1189 Free space trouble in a ocfs2 partition ossbz#1202 dlm_add_lock_to_array:1192 ERROR: mismatched lvbs! (resource migration)


Bugs fixed relating to cluster locking.;a=commit;h=e8ef96c444326e4262fd371729e7beebda1af4d1;a=commit;h=39febfd5ee7948c018b667e0b909886e1cfa1235


Bugs fixed relating to NFS support.;a=commit;h=2d561d3636c80af24063a74ae8c817661c574d78;a=commit;h=aa20775d1e7feba9b22e761fa9b69bd5c3f043bd


CHANGELOG SINCE OCFS2 1.4.5-1 a06eb71... ocfs2: Up version to 1.4.7 eccff85... ocfs2: Remove CATCH_BH_JBD_RACES edc1474... ocfs2: Up version to 1.4.6 4f30abe... ocfs2: Change strncasecmp() to strnicmp() 2fd2508... ocfs2: Disable CATCH_BH_JBD_RACES e882faf... ocfs2: Up version to 1.4.5 5d7fc40... ocfs2/userdlm: Add tracing in userdlm 63a7296... ocfs2: Use a separate masklog for AST and BASTs 766326d... ocfs2/dlm: allow dlm do recovery during shutdown 850f83e... ocfs2: Add current->comm in trace output e4a5b7b... ocfs2: Add extent block stealing aa20775... ocfs2: fix rare stale inode errors when exporting via nfs b114aa8... ocfs2/cluster: Make o2net connect messages KERN_NOTICE 6db7623... ocfs2/dlm: Fix printing of lockname 39fd0ac... ocfs2: Fix contiguousness check in ocfs2_try_to_merge_extent_map() a6d5f7d... ocfs2/dlm: Remove BUG_ON in dlm recovery when freeing locks of a dead node 5b0615d... ocfs2: Plugs race between the dc thread and an unlock ast message 3b0af8c... ocfs2: Remove overzealous BUG_ON during blocked lock processing 39febfd... ocfs2: Do not downconvert if the lock level is already compatible e8ef96c... ocfs2: Prevent a livelock in dlmglue 8b87ce9... ocfs2: Fix setting of OCFS2_LOCK_BLOCKED during bast ec42ee0... ocfs2/dlm: Handle EAGAIN for compatibility - v2 fcb5175... ocfs2/dlm: Print more messages during lock migration 96c556d... ocfs2/dlm: Ignore LVBs of locks in the Blocked list e815603... ocfs2/trivial: Remove trailing whitespaces 664f8f3... ocfs2: Fix refcnt leak on ocfs2_fast_follow_link() error path ecbd154... ocfs2/trivial: Use proper mask for 2 places in hearbeat.c 60f8f8f... ocfs2: return -EAGAIN instead of EAGAIN in dlm 2526893... ocfs2/cluster: Make fence method configurable - v2 ccd76c6... ocfs2: return f_fsid info in ocfs2_statfs() e4d0efb... ocfs2: Return -EINVAL when a device is not ocfs2. b0acee5... ocfs2: add spinlock protection when dealing with lockres->purge. e8394f8... dlmglue.c: add missed mlog lines 20a1f30... ocfs2: Remove redundant BUG_ON in __dlm_queue_ast() 540c914... ocfs2: Fix error return in ocfs2_write_cluster() 8fc23bb... ocfs2: log the actual return value of ocfs2_file_aio_write() 5eaa48d... ocfs2: trivial fix for s/migrate/migration/ in dlmrecovery.c logging 2d561d3... ocfs2: fix sendfile locking 0be76bc... ocfs2: Call balance_dirty_pages_ratelimited() to initiate writeback