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2008.06.13: OCFS2 1.2.9-1


OCFS2 1.2.9-1 for (RH)EL4 and (RH)EL5 is released.


* Fixes bug#6802646 Symptoms for this bug include inability to create a file from some nodes while being able to do so from others. This problem is typically encountered when the disk free space is low.


The reason for the inconsistent behavior is because inodes are allocated from a nodeslot specific system file, inode_alloc, that is dynamically extended when it runs out of free space. However, when disk free space is low, the chances that the filesystem is unable to grow this system file increases.


Under this condition, only nodes that have free space in their slot specific inode_alloc are able to create new files. The fix, backported from mainline, allows the filesystem to steal inode space from inode_allocs of nodeslots having some free. This not only makes for a more consistent behavior, but also allows the filesystem to make use of every byte reserved for inode creation.


* Fixes oss bugzilla#919 Symptoms for this bug include [o2net] spinning at 100% just before a node fences due to network idle timeout. This issue could have previously been misdiagnosed as occurring due to low cluster timeout setting but instead is because of a bug as described in the bugzilla.


* Plugs memory leaks in o2dlm These leaks were detected during mainline testing. They went undetected for so long because not only was the size of the leak small, it reproduced under very specific conditions described in the patch fixes below.;a=commitdiff;h=2c5c54aca9d0263f81bd4886232835ba31f7635a;a=commitdiff;h=52987e2ab456c1a828046494aac53819b1454341;a=commitdiff;h=b31cfc0237f89c3a8bc8f31b5da996e71b543214


The full list of changes since 1.2.8-2 release is as follows:


r3100 fs Add inode stealing for ocfs2_reserve_new_inode (bug#6802646) r3099 fs Remove inode_alloc from handle when inode allocation fails. r3098 fs Filter -ENOSPC in mlog_errno() r3097 dlm Add dlm_ctxt printing for dlm debugging (cat /proc/fs/ocfs2_dlm//ctxt) r3096 fs Allow uid/gid/perm changes of symlinks (oss bugzilla#963) r3095 fs Use GFP_NOFS in kmalloc during localalloc window move (oss bugzilla#901) r3094 net Get rid of arguments to the timeout routines r3093 fs Improve rename locking r3092 net Reconnect after idle time out r3091 net Fix NULL pointer dereferences in o2net r3090 dlm dlm_thread should not sleep while holding the dlm_spinlock (oss bugzilla#919) r3089 dlm Print message showing the recovery master r3088 dlm Add missing dlm_lockres_put()s r3087 dlm Add missing dlm_lockres_put()s in migration path r3086 dlm Add missing dlm_lock_put()s r3085 dlm Use dlm_print_one_lock_resource for lock resource print r3078 dlm Clear joining_node no matter whether it is in the domain map or not (bug#6719988)