Project Documentation: OCFS2

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File Last Modified
OCFS2 Design Documentation 2013.07.08
  Current, Completed and Old Design Documentation for OCFS2
OCFS2 1.8 Release 2013.07.08
  Documentation for OCFS2 1.8 Release
Latest OCFS2 Features 2011.05.23
  Up to date list of the newest OCFS2 features
OCFS2 1.2 Release 2011.05.23
  Documentation for OCFS2 1.2 Release
OCFS2 1.6 Release 2010.09.27
  Documentation for OCFS2 1.6 Release
OCFS2 1.4 Release 2010.01.25
  Documentation for OCFS2 1.4 Release
LinuxWorld 2006 Slides 2006.08.15
  "Cheap clustering" talk describing OCFS2 tuning and the usage of iSCSI, AoE
Disk Layout Comparison with Ext2 2006.08.08
  A short presentation on OCFS2 disk layout as compared with Ext2
OLS 2006 OCFS2 Slides 2006.07.25
  Slides used during the OLS 2006 OCFS2 talk
OLS 2006 OCFS2 Paper 2006.07.21
  A paper describing the design of OCFS2
Migrating data from OCFS to OCFS2 2005.08.04
  Migrating Oracle data from OCFS to OCFS2
Evolution from OCFS 2005.07.29
  OCFS2 design evolution from OCFS