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2010.04.19: OCFS2 Tools 1.4.4-1


OCFS2 Tools 1.4.4-1 for (RH)EL5 is released


* mkfs.ocfs2 reserves space (upto 0.3%) for the extent allocator. * mkfs.ocfs2 now has a --dry-run option. * mounted.ocfs2 lists /dev/mapper devices.


CHANGELOG SINCE OCFS2-TOOLS 1.4.3-1 b6f5545... debugfs.ocfs2: stat shows inode's orphaned slot# 9895cdd... mounted.ocfs2 tool should show /dev/mapper devices instead of /dev/dm. 0fa2362... tunefs.ocfs2: add ocfs2ne-clean in Makefile f64f62b... ocfs2-console: Increase max port number allowed e118eaf... Fix tunefs space check when disabling SPARSE feature b3e1707... ocfs2-tools: fix to print node names correctly 9f75e10... fsck.ocfs2, fswreck: Fix EXTENT_MARKED_UNWRITTEN error. 139354c... Ocfs2-tools: Update fswreck part to meet fsck's enhancement of solving multiply-claim clusters v2. fde6fe0... Fsck.ocfs2: Correctly check i_size for directory in a sparse filesystem. 227da51... ocfs2-tools: Up version to 1.4.4 458e035... ocfs2-tools: Add redhat-lsb dependency in the spec file 1e7566e... ocfs2: Add (noreplace) to /etc/sysconfig/o2cb in the spec file 44e3ed4... fsck.ocfs2: Freshen up some fsck messages aa8beb9... mkfs.ocfs2: Add dry-run option 8d96c4c... mkfs.ocfs2: Allocate groups to the extent allocator 5f6dfdb... libocfs2: Add ocfs2_grow_chain_allocator() 6b712ea... libocfs2: ocfs2_chain_add_group() adds new groups to the next logical chain a17cd57... mounted.ocfs2: Add the stack/local to the output 5bb79d8... mounted.ocfs2: Display uuid in all caps a8efe47... mkfs.ocfs2: Print fs features during make