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2007.11.07: OCFS2 Tools 1.2.7-1


OCFS2 Tools 1.2.7-1 for RHEL4 and RHEL5 is released


Changes to tunefs.ocfs2 include allowing users to remove the slots, shrink the journal size and query the superblock parameters.


The other change relates to the hueristically determined cluster size value by mkfs.ocfs2. For more efficient disk usage, it now picks the smallest value that will allow it to address the full device.


GIT Commit Hash				 Description
===============                          ===========
e9fad9f600f6c1c9d3d6e7de45775ffb828dc779 tunefs  Allow query of compat, incompat and ro compat flags
b5894c6d2f655b3f8d4dee740875702e9d55ab15 tools   Small cleanup for hb device support
0041a3cc71388b991b88a887f21a4efe28da3d24 tunefs  Don't set incompat flags unless we're really changing slots
5c05ae156107989c550c1a0bf7742730120f6fea mkfs    Adjust cluster size calculation
cd8e6fabcd85136ffbb78b290f97b90f659a463b tools   Create 1.2 tools branch
ffdafe20511333ac469562d9687b836e1ddd5cbd tunefs  Add remove-slot feature
7ae4adcce3dbdaf44ffa2741af6a2f8490a6c7f8 tunefs  Add HFILES in DIST_FILES (
277b8835a30c688754c00591243e16139fa463d2 tunefs  Add query support
986fa934ed60e4e47f748f61843360e1139c9109 mount   Do not append _netdev for local mounts
f18307943cedcbbcde4bbd1e14a8d8922634229d lib     Fix ocfs2_delete_inode to be fit for deleting system inodes.
8668ba02123ead28b69abecb7148f7d4281a0696 debugfs Fix a bug in 'slotmap'.
3128617066bc595eb5a5cad99ba1f3c0e2f8c03d tunefs  Add shrinking journal size support
2b0668a32cd6a91ea94c0e0447e9c07017f64261 lib     Add one check and one endian swap to find_block_inode.
a8d9493152cfe8685099638c14ef0897351b1c33 tools   Update default cluster timeouts
249b8c14565dc60f830eba9db7c9962e5a306b0f lib     Fix a possible error in ocfs2_expand_dir.
2eeec7f53bf40fa774213cca08e1405bf477e13d console Show proper version string