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File Last Modified
RHAS Best Practices 2011.05.23
  Recommendations for using OCFS on a Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1 system. This document refers to OCFS version 1.0.9. (Metalink note #237997.1)
OCFS Userguide 2006.05.24
  OCFS Userguide (first draft version)
OCFS Design for version 1 2003.12.12
  OCFS design document for version 1. Layout of physical disk structures and kernel structures.
OCFS do's and dont's 2003.10.24
  Presentation for OracleWorld 2003. Gives a list of things we have learned in the past year. Suggestions for OCFS users.
Upgrade OCFS document 2003.10.24
  simple steps for customers to upgrade an ocfs version
United Linux Best Practices 2003.10.24
  Best practices for using OCFS on a United Linux 1.0 system