Project: Linux for SPARC

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Project Description: Linux for SPARC reference platform
License: GPL

Linux for SPARC release 1.0 is a reference platform incorporating Oracle's work to improve Linux on modern SPARC hardware. The kernel is based on the mainline 4.1 kernel, while user-space packages are consistent with Oracle Linux 6 for x86_64 with a few exceptions. Both the kernel and some user space packages include SPARC-specific optimizations.

Linux for SPARC is a 64-bit operating system that requires a 64-bit SPARC CPU. You can install Linux for SPARC on both bare metal servers and Oracle VM Server for SPARC (formerly known as Logical Domains). Any SPARC CPU model that supports the sun4v architecture (that is, all UltraSPARC T, SPARC T4, SPARC T5, SPARC M5 and Fujitsu SPARC64-X) should be capable of running Linux for SPARC. Refer to the release notes to see what has been tested. However, if you have questions or encounter issues please log a bug at

Linux for SPARC is a reference platform for the Linux community. This is not for use in production environment and there is no support offered for this download. If you are interested in a production solution, please visit this page to learn more about Oracle Exadata SL6 features with the SPARC M7 processor and Oracle Linux.