Project Source Control: Oracle Equinox Modifications

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Access the source code repository for this project in one of the following ways:

  • Browse source code on-line to view this project's directory structure and files.

  • Download source code archives, if any are available, to copy read-only source files for this project on to your local system.

  • Subscribe to any of the project mailing lists.

  • You can use Subversion to check out your own working copies of project source code files. Subversion is an open source version control for keeping track of all modifications to project source code files.

    Important note: The following instructions cover checking out from Subversion for a read-write copy. You must have been granted permission by the project administrator to write changes back to the Subversion repository.

    Subversion command line checkout instructions

    You can check out a working copy with:

    svn checkout <dir>

    Where <dir> is the working directory to place the tree in.

    This command should result in a scrolling list of files being added to the local directory you specified on your machine. Now you are ready to use your file viewer to work with individual files.

  • In the future, there will be a read-only CVS mirror of the source repository, but right now it is not enabled, so please use Subversion.