Project: Oracle Equinox Modifications

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Project Description: Oracle modifications to Equinox module (EPL-licensed) source files.
License: EPL
Oracle Glassfish Modifications Project

Some releases of Oracle products contain a number of Java classes provided by the Eclipse Organization under terms of the Eclipse Public License (EPL) (see For various reasons (e.g. bug fixes, performance, extensibility, etc.), Oracle may modify some of these source files and include them in product distributions.

This project makes these modified files available to the Eclipse Community.

The files are available in "zip" archive format from this project's "Downloads" link. Each zip archive contains a README page listing the contents of the archive and procedures for generating the Equinox jar file. The zip archives available for download include:

Oracle Product and Version Component Technology Downloadable Archive
Oracle (BEA) MSA 9.0 Equinox

All modifications that Oracle has made to these files are licensed to all other entities under the terms of the same EPL license.