Project: RedPatch

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Project Description: Broken out patches for RHEL kernel.
License: GPL

What is RedPatch?

The aim of the RedPatch project is to take all of the source code changes of the Red Hat Kernel from release to release and to break them up into smaller, stand-alone changes, using upstream commits whenever possible. We've been doing this internally to create Ksplice updates and to better understand the fixes for each security update. Now we decided that others might benefit from this work so we are publishing these broken-up changes in a Git repository.

How to use RedPatch?

You can view the log via Git Web or add git:// as a remote and view the commits locally.

If you view the commits locally, we recommend using the '--decorate' option to git log, which will show you the associated Red Hat version number.

We also recommend not building on top of the master branch, since that is liable to be force-pushed as we improve and rewrite commits in it.

On the other hand, we promise not to modify commits older than the 'stable' branch so you can build on top of that if you like.