Project Source Control: DTrace

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DTrace development uses Git for source control.

Repositories available:

Package Repository
Upstream kernel 4.19.x for x86 and arm64 (GPLv2) git clone -b topic/unified/4.191.0/dtrace git://
Upstream kernel 4.14.34 for x86 and arm64 (GPLv2) git clone -b topic/4.14.34/dtrace git://
kernel-uek (UEK Releases 4 and 5) for x86 and ARM (GPLv2) git clone
dtrace-utils (UPL) git clone
libdtrace-ctf (GPLv2, UPL) git clone
Obsolete repositories
dtrace-modules (DTrace 0.6.0 and below, CDDL) git clone git://
kernel-uek (UEK3) (GPLv2) git clone git://