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2018.05.18: DTrace userspace 1.0.2, libdtrace-ctf 0.8.1


This is a technology preview and is only available in source code form
from the Git repository.
New features since 1.0.0:
 - Both USDT and pid providers are supported on ARM64.
Bugfixes since 1.0.0:
 - The -c option works on ARM64 now, as does the -x evaltime option.
 - Improvements to the testsuite and testsuite runner.
libdtrace-ctf changes since 0.8.0:
 - Fix bug causing loss of all types in a CTF container if the container
   has a parent and ctf_rollback() is called.  If 'make ctf' generates
   any errors, you are likely to hit this bug, and get CTF missing
   many thousands of types rather than only the types warned about.