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2018.04.05: DTrace userspace 1.0.0, libdtrace-ctf 0.8.0


This is a technology preview and is only available in source code form
from the Git repository.


New features: - The pid provider is implemented for (nearly) arbitrary-location userspace tracing. - DTrace is now supported on the AArch64 architecture for the following providers: dtrace, profile, and syscall. The -x evaltime option is hardwired to "preinit" on this architecture at present. - Compile-time array bounds checking. Dereferencing arrays beyond their declared bound is now a compile-time error. To dereference an array regardless, use casts, e.g. ((char *)curlwpsinfo->pr_name)[32]. Bugfixes: - Addresses are normalized properly by mod(), so use of mod() in aggregates works better now. - DTrace will no longer consider symbols in built-in modules or the core kernel to be in the wrong module: its idea of symbol addresses, sizes, and their mapping to names is better in general, paticularly with respect to symbols that overlap, symbols whose names are duplicates, and weak symbols. - An interface problem has been fixed that can cause DTrace consumers to dereference freed memory when victim processes grabbed via ustack(), umod(), usym() or dtrace -c or -p exec(). This requires changes to certain users of libdtrace, and relinking: see "Library interface changes" below. - The ip provider's ipv6_tclass and ipv6_flow fields were wrong on little- endian machines. - Fix rare assertion failures at exit. - dtrace -S now disassembles all actions in statements containing more than one, rather than disassembling only the first. - A new symbol at address zero introduced by the KPTI changes is eliminated from symbol resolution. - Improvements to the testsuite and testsuite runner. Library interface changes: - The dtrace_proc_*() functions have changed the type they take to an opaque handle, struct dtrace_proc. There is a new function dtrace_proc_getpid() to get the PID from this opaque handle. dtrace_proc_grab() has been renamed to dtrace_proc_grab_pid(). See INCOMPATIBILITIES. The library soname has been bumped to correspondingly. All consumers must relink, but consumers not using the dtrace_proc_*() APIs need no code changes. All places where code changes are needed elicit a compile-time error, so it should be easy to see what needs changing. - Support for systems on which char is unsigned. Testsuite changes: - Tagging added via a new @@tag in test files: testing with specific tags can be requested via TEST_TAGS='a !b' in the environment and --tag/--no-tag arguments to The intersection of all tags is run, so in the example above, only tests tagged with 'a' and not tagged with 'b' would be run. You can specify tags that apply by default in the test/tags.default file, and tags that apply on only one architecture in test/tags.$arch.default.


Build-time changes:


- Translators can now change in arbitrary kernel versions: you are not restricted to having different translators only in different X.Y major kernel versions. The means by which translators that vary across kernels is specified is improved.