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2017.10.02: DTrace userspace 0.6.1, libdtrace-ctf 0.6.0


All RPMs are available on the Unbreakable Linux Network.
Licensing changes in DTrace 0.6.1:
 - Userspace is now licensed under the Universal Permissive License (UPL) v1.0.
   The kernel module is now GPLv2, and is shipped in the same package as other
   in-tree kernel modules.
   /usr/lib64/dtrace/load_dtrace_modules no longer tries to yum install
   anything (but will still modprobe modules listed in /etc/dtrace-modules).
New features in DTrace 0.6.1:
 - A new link_ntop() subroutine is provided, which is like inet_ntop()
   except it returns a human-readable string describing the link-layer
   address.  Ethernet and InfiniBand are currently supported.
 - A default set of modules is now provided in /etc/dtrace-modules.  The
   file was supported since 0.4.5, but no /etc/dtrace-modules was shipped
   by default.
 - The TCP and UDP providers are implemented, with associated translators.
 - The IO provider has been completely rewritten and is dramatically
   improved, with support for most local filesystems and explicit
   support for XFS and NFS.
Bugfixes in DTrace 0.6.1:
 - Do not require sdt.ko to be loaded before allowing the use of the 'cpu'
 - Passing an object file through dtrace -G no longer corrupts it on
   SPARC64, echoing a similar bugfix made to x86 long ago.
 - Improve tracking of process state on SPARC64 a bit.
 - Bitfields in kernel types are now better-supported, though some
   bitfields still do not work, notably those crossing machine word
 - dtrace_print_lquantize() no longer normalizes the name of the lowest
   bucket, only the bucket contents (as intended).
 - jstack() was fetching data from the wrong offset, leading to garbage
   output at the start of the stack dump.
 - Reading of unaligned data from high addresses in traced processes
   was failing.  In practice only SPARC has any data at addresses high
   enough to cause this, and most of the accesses done are aligned: but
   the machinery that adjusts to changes in glibc's internal data
   structures was broken, leading to failures to look up symbols after
   certain glibc upgrades.
 - dtrace -C and -G now search for cpp and ld along the PATH rather than
   defaulting to /usr/bin/cpp and /usr/bin/ld, fixing failures with
   compilers in non-default locations, like the Software Collections
   devtoolset packages.
 - dtrace-utils-devel now requires elfutils-libelf-devel.  (This
   dependency was always present in practice but was mistakenly omitted
   until now.)