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2016.10.17: DTrace userspace 0.5.3, kernel modules 0.5.3, libdtrace-ctf 0.5.0


All RPMs are available on the Unbreakable Linux Network.
Bugfixes in dtrace-utils 0.5.3:
 - When dtrace(1) exited at the same instant as a process it had grabbed (e.g.
   for ustack()) terminated, it could deadlock or crash with an assertion
   failure or a segmentation fault.
New features in dtrace-modules 0.5.3:
 - It is now possible to have perf-events presented as DTrace SDT probes.
   This feature is turned on by default in the kernel.  The probes will
   appear with the same names as the perf-events and are grouped under the
   new 'perf' SDT provider.
   In its current implementation, the perf-events DTrace probes do not offer
   argument type informtation as is seen with standard DTrace SDT probes.
Bugfixes in dtrace-modules 0.5.3:
 - On sparc64, it was possible to crash the system by unloading and reloading
   the sdt DTrace multi-provider module due to the handling of memory that is
   set aside for SDT probe trampolines.  This bug has been fixed.