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2015.11.02: DTrace kernel modules 0.5.0, libdtrace-ctf 0.5.0


All RPMs are available on the Unbreakable Linux Network.
New features:
 - DTrace is now supported on the sparc64 architecture for the following
   providers: dtrace, profile, syscall, and SDT.
 - The uid / gid handling has been updated to accommodate namespace support
   at the kernel level (kuid and kgid).  All uid / gid values reported by
   D subroutines (or obtained from structures) are evaluated based on the
   initial user namespace.
 - Accessing kernel memory under NOFAULT protection now implies NOPF (no
   page fault) as well.  Previously, NOPF was an option that could be set
   in addition to NOFAULT.
 - Debugging output has been improved (to be enabled at compile time).
 - The datatype formerly known as sdt_instr_t has been renamed asm_instr_t.
   The rationale behind this change is that it will be used in code beyond
   the SDT provider and therefore a more generic name is appropriate.