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2014.02.13: DTrace userspace 0.4.1, kernel modules 0.4.2, libdtrace-ctf 0.4.1


All RPMs are available on the Unbreakable Linux Network.
Packaging changes:
 - RPM dependencies for the kernel modules have been revised.  The
   dtrace-module-headers and dtrace-provider-headers packages no longer have
   separate packages for every kernel, the dtrace-kernel-interface property is
   gone, and userspace no longer explicitly depends upon the kernel module but
   rather automatically modprobes for dtrace.ko if needed, and yum installs it
   if it is not found on the system.
New features:
 - SDT probe points in kernel modules are now supported.
 - New development tools showUSDT (for dumping of DOF sections) and
   ctf_module_dump (for dumping of CTF in kernel modules).  (The former tool is
   an example only, and is installed in the documentation directory.)
 - The 'vtimestamp' D variable has been implemented.
 - A lexer bug was fixed which caused spurious errors if D scripts contained a
   #pragma or comment at intervals of 8192 characters, and prevented the use
   of scripts larger than 16KiB entirely.
 - A variety of memory leaks and uninitialized memory reads in the userspace
   components were fixed.
 - A bug whereby breakpoints could be left outstanding in a process if dtrace
   was interrupted with an ordinary SIGINT at just the wrong instant is fixed.
   (kill -9ing dtrace(1) is still dangerous, as in prior releases.)
 - The visibility of .SUNW_dof sections was wrong.
 - Fixed devinfo_t's dev_statname and dev_pathname for cases where the
   device does not have partitions.
 - drti.o, which contributes a constructor to programs and shared libraries
   that contain DOF, now has lower overhead when DTrace is not running,
   emits its errors to stdout, not stderr, and opens its files with O_CLOEXEC.