Project: DTrace

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Project Description: The DTrace Dynamic Tracing Framework
Licenses: GPL, UPL

This is the Linux port of the Solaris Dynamic Tracing Framework.

It is composed of three portions, an in-kernel core, a userspace utility, and a type storage library used by these.

The kernel portion is built into the UEK kernels and is also available on a public git tree.

The userspace tools are available from OTN and git. The latest official release is 0.6.2-3: later versions are available as a technology preview.

Type information for kernel variables is stored using the libdtrace-ctf library.

The latest official release, for x86, based on UEK kernel 4.1, is version 0.6.2, released on 16 Oct 2017. It will also be available from OTN.

A tree based on upstream Linux 4.14 stable is also available.

The license for DTrace has changed over time. Versions before 0.6.1 include a CDDL kernel module and a proprietary userspace component; versions 0.6.1 and above have a GPL kernel component and a UPL userspace component.