Project: DTrace

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Project Description: The DTrace Dynamic Tracing Framework
Licenses: GPL, UPL

This is the Linux port of the Solaris Dynamic Tracing Framework.

Source code

DTrace is composed of three portions, an in-kernel core built into the UEK kernels, a userspace utility, dtrace-utils, and a type storage library, libdtrace-ctf.

Trees based on recent branches of upstream Linux are also available.

There is a degree of tying between the userspace tools and the kernel: in recent kernels this is signified via the version of the dtrace-kernel-headers capability found in the specfile, which is then used by the userspace specfile to require a compatible kernel at build time. libdtrace-ctf is easier: you can just use the tip of the latest release branch and everything should work.


RPMs for Oracle Linux are available from here:

Kernel/OL release Repository
4.1 (UEK Release 4), OL7, x86
4.1 (UEK Release 4), OL6, x86
4.14 (UEK Release 5), OL7, x86
4.14 (UEK Release 5), OL7, AArch64


The license for DTrace has changed over time. Versions before 0.6.1 include a CDDL kernel module and a proprietary userspace component; versions 0.6.1 and above have a GPL kernel component and a UPL userspace component.