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Title Description
AOL Server Oracle modifications to AOL Server (MPL-licensed) source files.
ASMLib Kernel Driver ASMLib is a library addon for the Automatic Storage Manager of Oracle Database 10g. This is the kernel driver for a generic Linux implementation of ASMLib.
aspectj none
Btrfs A Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem
cancd This is the CA NetConsole Daemon, a daemon to receive output from the Linux netconsole driver.
Code Fragments Miscellaneous code fragments
Compatibility Software to aid using Oracle on various Linux distributions.
coreutils Modified versions of GNU coreutils
CVSMan A system for managing distributed files via CVS
DTrace Linux port of the Solaris Dynamic Tracing Framework.
Endpoint Firewire disk emulation
Firewire Software for firewire clustering
FSCat Cat filesystem contents from devices.
GDB pstack Print stack traces of running programs (wrapper around GDB)
hangcheck-timer A kernel module for detecting kernel pauses.
libaio-oracle SUSv2 interface to Linux kernel asynchronous I/O
Linux Data Integrity Project A framework for proactive data integrity protection in Linux.
LTFS Oracle's StorageTek Linear Tape File System (LTFS), Open Edition
Lymph Simple node existence services, including the hospital daemon
Mac OS X Libraries Source code of libraries linked in with Oracle for Mac OS X
Makebo Simple underpinning for projects using Autoconf
mvalent none
NIC Failover Network card failover support for Linux
OCFS Oracle Clustered File System
OCFS2 General-purpose cluster file system
OCFS2 Testing Suite A simple MPI-based testing environment to stress and validate OCFS2.
OCFS2 Tools Tools and support files for creating and managing OCFS2 volumes.
Oracle ASMLib Support Oracle Linux ASMLib is a library addon for the Automatic Storage Manager of Oracle Database 10g. This package provides the support utilities.
Oracle AspectJ Modifications Oracle modifications to AspectJ Project (Eclipse Public License 1.0) source files.
Oracle Eclipse Distributions Download Eclipse Foundation distributions, as well as Oracle distributions like Workshop and Enterprise Pack for Eclipse.
Oracle Equinox Modifications Oracle modifications to Equinox module (EPL-licensed) source files.
Oracle Glassfish Modifications Oracle modifications to Glassfish Project (CDDL-licensed) source files.
Oracle GStreamer Modifications Oracle modifications to GStreamer ( Project (LGPL licensed) source files.
Oracle Linux Test (OLT) Kit Oracle Linux Tests are designed to verify Linux kernel functionality and stability essential for the Oracle Database.
Oracle PL/SQL Gateway for Apache An Apache module that uses Oracle OCI8 to call PL/SQL procedures in an Oracle database.
Oracle Webkit Modifications Oracle modifications to Webkit project files
OraSim Job Files Various job files for OraSim for different workloads
Package Manager Utilities Package Manager Utilities for Portal System Controller. Contains the RPM and YUM open source software required by PSC.
PHP RPMs A set of PHP 5.5 RPM packages built for Oracle Linux 6
Pitchfork Pitchfork
RASTA The RASTA system for template driven tasks
RDS Reliable Datagram Sockets
rds-tools none
RHEL3 Kernels Kernels for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
RHEL4 Kernels Kernels for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
Saxpath Saxpath (Mozilla Public License 1.1) source files.
Sourcebo A collaborative development system
Test Lab Linux Test Lab information
Timbo The Timbo internationalization system
Transcendent Memory new approach to managing physical memory in a virtualized system
Userfs Userspace filesystems with GnomeVFS
Watchdog Patches for watchdog driver improvements
xen-debugger kdb and gdbserver debuggers for xen
Yast Yast resources