[rds-devel] RE: New RDS patches - ready to be pulled

Vladimir Sokolovsky vlad at mellanox.co.il
Sun Feb 17 04:25:51 PST 2008

Pulled into OFED-1.3


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> From: Olaf Kirch [mailto:olaf.kirch at oracle.com]
> Sent: Friday, February 15, 2008 6:39 PM
> To: rds-devel at oss.oracle.com
> Cc: Vladimir Sokolovsky; Rick Frank
> Subject: New RDS patches - ready to be pulled
> I've committed my current RDS patch set to my git trees, ready to be
> merged - provided it is still acceptable to merge them into OFED 1.3
> at this point in time.
> The patches are on branch code-drop-20080215 of
> www.openfabrics.org:/pub/scm/~okir/ofed_1_3/linux-2.6.git
> www.openfabrics.org:/pub/scm/~okir/ofed_1_3/rds-tools.git
> Changes for RDS:
>    RDS: Improve congestion control
>    RDS: Don't hog the CPU in send_xmit
>    RDS: Prevent oops in rds_ib_remove_one
>    RDS: Remove RDMA barriers
>    RDS: Introduce hard limit for number of MRs
>    RDS: Change some variables to atomic_t
>    RDS: Improve robustness of the RDS FMR cache
>    RDS: Fix error return in rds_cmsg_rdma_map
>    RDS: Release MRs allocated with CMSG_RDMA_MAP
>    RDS: Rename rds_rdma_notify to rds_rdma_unuse
>    RDS: Drain in-flight RDMAs at socket close
>    RDS: Propagate remote access errors to the user
>    RDS: implement error queue for failed RDMAs
>    RDS: implement enhanced notifications for RDMA completion
>    RDS: In the send CQ handler, check WR opcode instead of WC opcode
>    RDS: Do not attempt to send ACKs when conn is down
>    RDS: Fix IB send ring accounting
> Changes for rds-tools:
>     Added a .gitignore file
>     Add a manual page describing the RDS zerocopy interface
>     Implement congestion monitoring through control messages
>     rds-stress: remove RDS barriers
>     rds-stress: retry connect()
>     rds-stress: Make --rdma-use-once=0 work with CMSG_MAP
>     rds-stress: add --show-params
>     rds-stress: Clarify some RDMA tracing messages
>     rds-stress: use new RDMA notifcations
> Regards,
> Olaf
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