[rds-devel] potential connection stall with congestion?

Andy Grover andy.grover at oracle.com
Mon Aug 4 23:04:27 PDT 2008

Pradeep wrote:
> It appears that with lot of congestion updates, there is chance
> that the regular messages may not get acked. Suppose
> rds_ib_recv_cq_comp_handler() processes multiple messages and
> the last one happens to be a congestion map message. In this
> case, the state.ack_next will be set to zero (congestion map
> message is sent with sequence number zero). Since this is
> lower than the current i_ack_next, rds_ib_set_ack() won't
> update i_ack_next. On send side, since ack hasn't arrived
> the rs_snd_bytes will keep on increasing and rds_sendmsg()
> will start returning error(EAGAIN).
> I think the following change will fix it. However I'm not
> sure it will break something else..
> rds_ib_process_recv():
> if(be64_to_cpu(hdr->h_sequence) > state->ack_next) {
>         state->ack_next = be64_to_cpu(hdr->h_sequence);
>         state->ack_next_valid = 1;
> }

OK so congestion updates don't count towards generating acks. So let's 
just set the fields in state struct for non-cong data only:

if (ibinc->ii_inc.i_hdr.h_flags == RDS_FLAG_CONG_BITMAP)
     rds_ib_cong_recv(conn, ibinc);
else {
     rds_recv_incoming(conn, conn->c_faddr, conn->c_laddr,
                    &ibinc->ii_inc, GFP_ATOMIC,
     state->ack_next = be64_to_cpu(hdr->h_sequence);
     state->ack_next_valid = 1;


> There is also a problem in the KERNEL_HAS_ATOMIC64 version
> of rds_ib_set_ack(). Shouldn't this set i_ack_next in the
> same way as the other case?

Yeah, makes sense.

Regards -- Andy

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