[Oraclevm-errata] OVMSA-2018-0024 Important: Oracle VM 3.3 dhcp security update

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Thu Mar 8 13:59:02 PST 2018

Oracle VM Security Advisory OVMSA-2018-0024

The following updated rpms for Oracle VM 3.3 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- Added oracle-errwarn-message.patch

- Resolves: #1550085 - CVE-2018-5733 Avoid reference overflow

- Resolves: #1550083 - CVE-2018-5732 Avoid options buffer overflow

- Resolves: #1063217 - failover hangs with both potential-conflict

- Resolves: #1363790 - dhclient does not update routing table after the 

- Resolves: #1321945 - dhclient hook script for Azure cloud

- send unicast request/release via correct interface (#1297445)

- Lease table overflow crash. (#1133917)
- Add ignore-client-uids option. (#1196768)
- dhclient-script: it's OK if the arping reply comes from our system. 
- VLAN ID is only bottom 12-bits of TCI. (#1259552)
- dhclient: Make sure link-local address is ready in stateless mode. 
- dhclient-script: make_resolv_conf(): Keep old nameservers
   if server sends domain-name/search, but no nameservers. (#1269595)

- Fix dhcrelay init script too. (#1187967)

- Actually take IB MAC address into account when creating seed (#1185075)

- Improve seeding the random number generator in dhclient (#1185075)

- Fix dhcrelay6 init script (#1187967)

- dhcrelay -6 was not working due to patch for #1001742 (#1151054)

- option 97 - pxe-client-id (#1058674)
- dhclient-script: PREINIT6: make sure link-local address is available 
- dhcpd generates spurious responses when seeing requests
   from vlans on plain interface (#1150587)

- Fix dhcpd/dhcrelay segfault if interface name longer than IFNAMSIZ 

- Fix parsing of lease file dates & times on 64-bit platforms (#1099698)

- Fix dhcpd.leases reverting to root:root on every dhcpd start (#1067142)
   New patch "paranoia" merged with older "paranoia-pid" patch
- Add init script for dhcrelay IPv6 version (#1053155)

- Fix handling of UDP packets with checksum 0xffff. (#1015997)
- Add GUIDs in the DHCP logs for IPoIB. (#1064416)

- Rotate the lease file when running in v6 mode. (#1053431)

- Resolves: #1001742 - dhclient: Make setsockopt() not-fatal also for 

- Resolves: #1001742 - dhclient: Bind socket to interface also for IPv6

- Don't crash on aliased infiniband interface. (#996518)

- various memory leaks in omapi (#978420)
- Modify the reply handling in the server code to send to a specified port
   rather than to the source port for the incoming message. (#952126)
- Multiple key statements in zone definition causes inappropriate error 
- Make sure range6 is correct for subnet6 where it's declared (#902966)
- Relay no longer crashes, when DHCP packet is received over interface
   without any IPv4 address assigned. (#863936)
- Expose next-server DHCPv4 option to dhclient script. (#658855)

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