[Oraclevm-errata] OVMSA-2018-0286 Important: Oracle VM 3.4 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update

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Mon Dec 10 09:27:16 PST 2018

Oracle VM Security Advisory OVMSA-2018-0286

The following updated rpms for Oracle VM 3.4 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- xfs: don't call xfs_da_shrink_inode with NULL bp (Eric Sandeen)  [Orabug: 28898616]  {CVE-2018-13094}
- ALSA: rawmidi: Change resized buffers atomically (Takashi Iwai)  [Orabug: 28898636]  {CVE-2018-10902}
- md/raid5: fix a race condition in stripe batch (Shaohua Li)  [Orabug: 28917012]
- xfs: don't fail when converting shortform attr to long form during ATTR_REPLACE (Darrick J. Wong)  [Orabug: 28924091]  {CVE-2018-18690}
- certs: Add Oracle's new X509 cert into the kernel keyring (Eric Snowberg)  [Orabug: 28926203]
- block: fix bdi vs gendisk lifetime mismatch (Shan Hai)  [Orabug: 28945039]
- Add the following entries to 'uek-rpm/ol[67]/nano_modules.list': kernel/drivers/net/net_failover.ko kernel/net/core/failover.ko Fixes: b3bc7c163fc9 ('net: Introduce generic failover module') (Vijay Balakrishna)  [Orabug: 28953351]
- floppy: Do not copy a kernel pointer to user memory in FDGETPRM ioctl (Andy Whitcroft)  [Orabug: 28956547]  {CVE-2018-7755} {CVE-2018-7755}
- iov_iter: don't revert iov buffer if csum error (Ding Tianhong)  [Orabug: 28960296]
- crypto: salsa20 - fix blkcipher_walk API usage (Eric Biggers)  [Orabug: 28976583]  {CVE-2017-17805}
- crypto: hmac - require that the underlying hash algorithm is unkeyed (Eric Biggers)  [Orabug: 28976653]  {CVE-2017-17806}

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