[Oraclevm-errata] OVMBA-2017-0175 Oracle VM 3.4 linux-firmware bug fix update

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Wed Dec 13 16:53:35 PST 2017

Oracle VM Bug Fix Advisory OVMBA-2017-0175

The following updated rpms for Oracle VM 3.4 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- BUILDINFO: commit=52f1ade25c53dbfbfd281252585da04629d44c32
- ol6/spec: don't link to old cxgb4 FW files (Ethan Zhao)

- BUILDINFO: commit=ed88fc5c04ab2dc3d2ffe674bd123a7131f4ad23
- ol6/spec: Bump up verson for updates from upstream and Qlogic

- Rebase, Merge upstream change and bump up version (Orabug 27181869)
- Update qla2600,qla2700,qla8300 FW files (Orabug 27162419)

- Update  ql2600_fw.bin ql2700_fw.bin ql8300_fw.bin to 8.07.00 (Orabug: 

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