[Oraclevm-errata] OVMSA-2015-0069 Important: Oracle VM 3.3 kernel-uek security update

Errata Announcements for Oracle VM oraclevm-errata at oss.oracle.com
Thu Jun 11 08:54:54 PDT 2015

Oracle VM Security Advisory OVMSA-2015-0069

The following updated rpms for Oracle VM 3.3 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- x86_64, vdso: Fix the vdso address randomization algorithm (Andy 
Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 21226729]  {CVE-2014-9585}
- isofs: Fix infinite looping over CE entries (Jan Kara)  [Orabug: 
21225975]  {CVE-2014-9420}
- x86_64, switch_to(): Load TLS descriptors before switching DS and ES 
(Andy Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 21225937]  {CVE-2014-9419}

- xen-netfront: use correct linear area after linearizing an skb (David 
Vrabel)  [Orabug: 21209908] - sched: Prevent divide by zero when cpu 
power calculation is 0 (Todd Vierling)  [Orabug: 21123125]

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