[Oraclevm-errata] OVMBA-2012-0041 Oracle VM 3.1 Manager bug fix update

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Mon Oct 22 09:31:20 PDT 2012

Oracle VM Bug Fix Advisory OVMBA-2012-0041

Oracle VM 3.1.1 Manager patch is available atMy Oracle Support  <http://support.oracle.com>  (reference patch number 14227416)

Please review the README for a complete list of bug fixes as well as the instructions to apply the patch update.

Description of Changes:

    * 14697223 - Adds check for network port value, prevents a null
      pointer exception from being thrown.

    * 14657062 - This change will prevent users from presenting a
      storage repository to a server not in the file server's admin
      server list.

    * 14253137 - Improves the handling of slave ports with differing MTU
      settings during bond creation.

    * 14600223 - Fixes the issue where during discovery of a server
      mounts from file servers that do not have that server in its admin
      server list, were tried to be discovered.

    * 14350980 - Fixes the issue where the virtual network interfaces
      got reordered according to alphanumeric sorting of MAC address.

Oracle VM documentation is available on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN):

Please refer to the Oracle VM 3.1.1 Release Notes for a list of features and known
issues. For the latest information, best practices white papers and webinars, please

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